GSC Platform has joined the Trace Alliance

The GSC Platform team is pleased to announce that we have joined the Trace Alliance and we are excited to learn more and share our knowledge and experiences in developing a vital supply chain platform for purchasers across the globe. Our GSC Platform ERP 3.0 offers three solutions that help increase efficiency for purchasing departments including IT Platform, Smart Purchases, and Part Traceability.

Trace Alliance

The Trace Alliance will help us exchange information in order to enhance transparency and increase trust in the supply chain using blockchain technology. Several forward-thinking companies are also members of the trace alliance including Deloitte, Data Lab, AnyLedger, and dozens of others.

“The Trace Alliance is a non-profit association which connects businesses, the public sector, academics and technology companies in the field of blockchain research and the creation of practical solutions primarily for supply chains. The collaborative effort of the alliance aims to resolve a variety of challenges and come up with solutions for a wide range of use cases through achieving increased supply chain integrity, data governance, transparency and trust.”

GSC Platform

The GSC Platform team sees this partnership as a strategic networking opportunity to learn about what others in the space are experiencing and share what we have learned in the joint mission to increase traceability, visibility, and trust across the supply chain.

“I’m excited that GSC Platform is joining the Trace Alliance as Origin Trail is a leading company in the blockchain supply chain space. I look forward to develop a strong partnership with OT even if it isn’t on a technical side but on a business one in order to contribute together to show to current supply chain businesses the multiple interests to implement blockchain in their supply chains to strengthen their relations with their suppliers and customers and improve their end users safety. I’m eager to develop strong partnerships with many business already members of the Trace Alliance.” -Maxime Legros, Founder and CEO of GSC Platform

GSC Platform is developing tools that will revolutionize purchasing in the supply chain and is currently in a token presale. More details are available at and the white paper is available at

Genesis Supply Chain Platform is a French based Company providing blockchain based supply chain solutions. Find out more at

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