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4 min readJan 20, 2019

GSC Platform aims to bring an unprecedented level of safety to the aviation market with the usage of blockchain technology. Track and trace facilitated through the GSC Platform Blockchain will enable end-to-end visibility for companies in the maintenance repair overhaul (MRO) market, continuous airworthiness management organizations (CAMO), manufacturers, regulators, suppliers, and all other stakeholders. Despite the MRO market being tightly regulated, logistical inefficiencies still persists throughout the aircraft lifecycle. Inaccurate, out-of-date, or missing part information in catalogues and manuals plague mechanics. Poor controls and monitoring can result in non-qualified or incompatible parts being installed on aircraft. The GSC Platform Blockchain platform addresses these inefficiencies with a blockchain traceability solution that increases the level of safety and accountability for stakeholders.

GSC Platform with the help of smart contracts connects current supply chain protocols to the blockchain with GSC ERP 3.0 as an easy way for any business to reduce its costs and improve its sale margins. The features which forms GSC ERP 3.0 are IT Platform, Smart Purchases and Part Traceability.

What Aviation Companies stand to gain with GSC

Reduced Time

One of the big advantages of using GSC Platform to solve parts traceability in aviation is the increase in results that are realized in such a small time frame. Since information entered on a blockchain ledger is available in real time, all information about the aircraft including all mechanical parts can be checked up on the database and results will be shown immediately drastically reducing the time needed to check through traditional files or details.

Reduced Cost

Another advantage to mention is that it is cost effective. Management of database using GSC ERP 3.0 on blockchain reduces cost and saves resources. All information and details needed are readily available on the ledger with the help of smart contracts. There is no need to pay extra for different sections and areas in traceability or information storage, everything has been saved and incorporated as one.

Safer Parts

Parts tracing is critical for several sectors such as aviation given the significant losses for companies in the event of repair or refund for damages. A forged electronic part on an aircraft engine can lead to a failure and will need for the aircraft to be recalled, generating a tremendous financial loss for the airline. But above all, errors in traceability follow-up for parts can cost human lives: airplane crash, train derailment. Thanks to Parts Traceability Blockchain technology, GSC Platform solves this loophole by supplying a total traceability of parts, components and raw materials and adding making checks to know parts fit for use. The GSC Platform solution utilizes data science to determine when parts fail, why they fail, which MRO/shop is able to repair it, and where you can buy a similar part on our IT Platform through the database and RFQ module. Warnings are automatically sent with alerts to users in order to do predictive maintenance through predictive purchases automated with Smart Purchases.

Instant Access

The GSC Platform fixes a significant issue in the aviation industry where parts cannot be installed without accurate plans. For example, with an AOG, the technician may have a 3D printer but not the technical plan of the part to print and can not release the aircraft, which can cause delays or add pressure to purchase substandard or fraudulent parts or perform a repair using inaccurate information. Currently in order to get these plans from the manufacturer you can wait from some hours to few days depending on your supplier availability. Plans and procedures stored on the GSC Platform offer instant access for technicians everywhere on the planet.

GSC Platform

Genesis Supply Chain Platform is a company based in France. Their major aim is to develop a supply chain solution to improve part safety and streamline processes for Supply Chain Industry. They provide a platform to all purchasing professionals to improve their businesses which will result to a reduction in costs and time with an easy tool to implement using blockchain technology.

The company’s goal is to simplify the processes involved in managing the supply chain and improve part safety with end to end parts tracking from manufacturer’s level to the installation level using the blockchain technology. There is the provision of efficient and powerful technical tools for securing and streamlining internal processes for suppliers and buyers. Also, through the incorporation of blockchain technology, there is an assurance of speed and security in transactions to keep immutable records of parts throughout their lifecycle.

GSC Platform is a tokenized project currently in presale. Find out more and read our white paper at



GSC Platform

Genesis Supply Chain Platform is a French based Company providing blockchain based supply chain solutions. Find out more at