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Feb 11 · 3 min read
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We are extremely excited to announce that the GSC Platform token sale is complete. The soft cap has been achieved early and the sale is now closed. While this may come as a surprise, we have been working very hard to make GSC Platform a reality and we are happy with the results. We have prepared a FAQ below to help answer some questions that may be common about the sale, it’s success, metrics, and next steps.

We are so thankful and grateful for our investors, partners, community, team, and everyone who worked so hard to make this sale possible. Now the hard work begins. GSC Platform will be the absolute best purchasing platform for the global supply chain. A massive opportunity for improvement exists and we are meeting that challenge.

With Sincere Thanks,

The GSC Platform Team

How much did you raise, will you raise more?

The total amount raised was $1,322,490 and we will be seeking institutional investment in future fundraising rounds.

What if I wanted to buy tokens but I did not purchase in time?

You will be able to purchase GSCP directly from our website at a later date.

But when exchange!?

We are not actively pursuing exchanges. Tokens are fungible but we are now focusing on the next phase of our project. We want GSCP to be an extremely useful token for supply chain visibility and we must direct all of our resources to that end.

What about the bounty and airdrop?

Tokens for the bounty and airdrop campaigns are to be released at a later date after the IT Platform is live with paid subscriptions. When the platform is live, the Wapinter campaign will release 30 days from launch, followed by the bounty0x 30 days later, and finally the airdrop campaign 30 days later.

So what are you working on now?

Our next project phase will be to fully launch our IT Platform for beta testing by several companies in a variety of industries. GSC Platform is offering the most complete and robust purchasing platform for buyers in the supply chain period. Our MVP is nearly complete and we have a good feature set emerging from alpha stage. Fly Dynamics and other partners are eager to test our beta platform and we are working hard to meet that challenge.

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Why are you quiet?

Simply put, we are busy. We will continue our telegram presence, but we are in all-hands-on-deck development mode. Our developers are coding and our business developers are looking for companies who need a top-notch ERP system tailored to what purchasers need and backed by the blockchain.

To find out more about GSC Platform, visit us at

GSC Platform

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Genesis Supply Chain Platform is a French based Company providing blockchain based supply chain solutions. Find out more at

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