Ground-Breaking Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Asset Management — The Case Of GSD Capital

Our AI machines can predict market trends better than a whole team of experts.

It is becoming much clearer that artificial intelligence and machine learning are very powerful decision-making tools. Machine learning algorithms really start to shine when the problem offers a large amount of data from which to learn. GSD Capital’s machine learning algorithms have shown an unprecedented ability to take these large data sets and accurately combine them with different factors to create consistently profitable trading decisions –often better than even a team of trading experts.

-Timothy Goldberg, Head of trading at GSD Capital.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications in active investment management is beginning to gain serious ground, and we are proud pioneers in the field. First starting operations privately in 2019 and then openly marketing our services to investors from 2021.

At GSD Capital, we harness the power of ground-breaking developments in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and self-evolving Evo-Synthetic Algorithms. Our AI powered investment strategies are highly responsive to changes in the market environment. As a result, we avoid the pitfalls of human bias and ego to deliver Alpha under ever changing market conditions. Our trading system involves little to no feelings, narratives, stories or ego. Just robust and consistent returns with the lowest amount of risk.

Machines and systems with larger volumes of data, larger data types and enhanced abilities to learn will provide higher predictive capabilities.

Imagine a machine that can learn more about the market as it goes. One that can develop even more complex algorithms designed to buy or sell at the appropriate moment. That’s how efficiently our optimally designed artificially intelligent machines have been built to perform.

Our artificially intelligent machines analyze inordinate amounts of data at extraordinary speeds that is impossible for humans. They learn from the information they analyze to improve their trading acumen. Some examples of this information include historical market prices, live market reports, socio-political events, social media sentiment, news trends, and macroeconomic data. Once the information is analyzed by thousands of machine brain cells, the cells then vote on what action to take and the best trades to make.

Even though “past performance does not predict future returns” our AI systems also use historical charting data to test their performance and learn from how the market reacted in the past. In a form of evolutionary computation, the AI determines the winners and uses their genes to create the next generation of trades. This process continues indefinitely, and the result is a smarter trader machine population. Eventually, this technology can be used to improve today’s machine learning capabilities.

Pricing in AI

Whatever methods are used, some question whether AI can truly succeed on a large scale. Even if one fund achieves success with AI, the risk is that others will duplicate the system and thus undermine its success. If a large portion of the market behaves in the same way, it changes the market. Many remain skeptical that AI can truly figure this out. Many skeptics argue if someone finds a trick that works, not only will other funds latch on to it but other investors will pour money in as well.

However, GSD Capital sees this risk. That’s why we are using not just evolutionary computation but a wide range of AI technologies. And as others imitate our methods, we continually embrace added forms of machine learning. The whole idea is to do something no other human — -and no other machine — -is doing. Active investment management is a domain where you benefit not just from being smart, but from being smart in a different way from others.

GSD Capital provides Super-Adaptive investment strategies powered by cutting-edge technology.
Our proprietary Artificial Intelligence system, is the culmination of years of research into Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computing
to create a new branch of AI we call Evo-Synthetic Algorithms. Thus, we invite you to take a step forward with us into the future.

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An AI enabled quantitative investment manager, applying absolute return strategies through algorithmic trading and collateralised lending

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GSD Capital

An AI enabled quantitative investment manager, applying absolute return strategies through algorithmic trading and collateralised lending