The GSD Capital trading approach in detail

GSD Capital is a fully managed investment service, applying artificial intelligence to absolute return algorithmic trading strategies in currency, commodity and cryptocurrency markets.

Simply put — we use your invested capital to trade currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies, aided by our proprietary AI machines working relentlessly to capture daily opportunities, with the goal of delivering outsized returns.

Algorithmic trading is a method of executing trades using automated pre-programmed trading instructions accounting for variables such as time, price-action, volatility, volume and other metrics. This type of trading attempts to leverage the speed and computational resources of computers relative to human traders.

Imagine if you could decide your trading action in advance and create an algorithm that would buy “USDJPY” for example, when the price would rise above the daily Ichimoku cloud and vice versa. You can replace the Ichimoku cloud with any other input data or even use multiple metrics together. All this is possible through algorithmic trading.

Our proprietary autonomous algorithms are designed to be superior trend traders, not aiming to forecast or predict specific price levels but to automatically jump on directional price trends at the speed of light and profit from it, without the emotional sentiment of humans. Thus, we are able to profitably trade volatile price movements on a day to day basis in the markets we trade.

Our AI machines posses unique trademarks never before utilised in financial markets.

In order not to stretch our capabilities we do not over-trade, carrying out a maximum of 10 trades a day, risking not more than 5% of our client capital on each trade. Although the market is monitored by our systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our algorithms do not trade past working hours, ensuring trades are always under professional human supervision.

Our trading engine has a proven 80% daily average hit rate. Combining that with an automated stop loss of -0.5% per trade, we have developed a proven risk-reward model that not only allows us to stay sustainably profitable, but also allows us to accurately project our trading performance.

The limitations of humans in trading against common machines are clear. On the other hand, the limitations of both humans and common machines in trading are more pronounced against our trading engine which has industry leading execution speed and capability to scale massive 8 and 9 figure positions in- and out- of the market cost effectively by balancing slippage, price drift and volume. .

Left — traders, Center — common trading machines, Right — our trading engine

Comprehensive and simultaneous monitoring of market metrics, machine learning capabilities, trade speed and colossal computational power are a few of the advantages our super computers hold against common machines.

We are aware that as the technology we currently utilise gains widespread adoption by institutional users in markets around the globe, our competitive advantage will diminish and so will our current outsized trading performance. However this reality is several years ahead of us. For the meantime, our investment offerings remain well suited to the sophisticated investor looking to gain outsized investment returns from an absolute return investment strategy.

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A quantitative investment manager, applying absolute return strategies through algorithmic trading and collateralised lending

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GSD Capital

A quantitative investment manager, applying absolute return strategies through algorithmic trading and collateralised lending