CA Assistant,Scanner and Video Background Exchanger

So, basically the whole project is divided into three android applications which can be easily found on google play store.Short description of each project is given as follows:

  • First, is the OCR(optical character recognition) app which extract the content from images(English ,Spanish,French ) or PDF and store’s it in text format for further use.
  • Second, is the tally app which can be used by professionals and financial sector people for quick extraction of the important amount and storing it in tally table.
  • Third,is the video editor app which removes the “WHITE” background from the real time video and change it with existing background image.


This is one of the unique applications which gives user an quick access to scan and edit the PDF or images which cannot be edited easily. In this application user also can get the data in the form of a text document which can be shared by user for different resource sharing purposes.

This application can be used by many variety of users like school and college students ,professors , teachers ,technical people, Media persons, Lawyers ,Business persons and many more as per there work.

The college and school students can use it in quick use of capturing the notes through mobile phones and converting it into text changing the content if needed for more convenient and useful form of notes as per their understanding.

Teachers and lecturer can use it for creating ppts by altering the existing PDFs on particular topic.Techie guys can also use it for ppts for there board meetings .Lawyers and business persons can use it for quick altering of existing documents by capturing it through mobile phones altering the data ,and reconverting it into the same format and taking out the print out,which will overall saves huge amount of time in typing the whole data again and again.

So, overall this application is fully dynamic and can be used in any one of these different purposes.This application saves lots of time in converting documents.

CA Assistant

This again is the application which gives freedom to all the CA(Chartered Accountant),to use this as easy calculating the credits and debits from all the banks or related messages and arranging them in a given format/table.

This can be also used by different business or employed person having number of accounts in different number of banks.

So,overall this application creates a tally table which holds the bank transactions information and hence can easily be summarised at the end of the table.Hence extremely useful by CA people who has to deal with the calculator, calculating each and every transactions,this app helps them to achieve the goals and saves time.

Video Exchanger:

Changes the Background Automatically. You may pretend to be in office for an important video call

It is one of the main and ongoing futuristic project to give the essence of virtualisation to the user .So we have taken first step towards it by creating this application.In this application we have change the background of the user or person in foreground by an office image(image is dynamic we can have options.).

All this process has taken place by real time video mode,in which using back or front camera user can interact with the client or colleague by having the changed background in future.Real time pixel storing and altering concept is used in this app .

In future, this application can be used for taking meetings and all the important discussion to give the essence or feeling of being present at the current situation for example, consider a person in New Delhi wants to communicate with the person in Pune ,so the communication will be made through this app by wearing VR glasses .This will give feel to the pune client of being in the conference room with the Delhi person. Hence this feeling of being isolated from users current environment and being into completely new environment is a step taken by this application.


GSE had given us a platform to explore and elaborate such a new and current idea’s to work on.It was new thing for us and we have learned many new concepts and technologies through this project.It was very nice working experience with such a great and knowledgeable team.

Success comes with the teamwork and Mr. Rohit shah the main guide has given us such guidance and innovative idea to work on, with all the other team members .

The Development Team: (From Left) Shubham Pandey, Ashish Kumar, Ashank Saini, Sourobh Payal