April 2018: April Showers Bring May Flowers

It’s been a slow start, but spring has finally sprung! The trees are flowering, the cold is finally behind us, and everyone seems to be waking up from their winter hibernation. Whether you’re spring cleaning or home shopping, we have the info you need to get a head start on the season. Read on.

The Story: Spring Cleaning

The Jump Off

What is it about spring that makes us crave a fresh start? Is it the disappearance of grey slushy snow and the emergence of sweet green shoots and happy yellow daffodils that inspire us to clean and make new again? Although times have changed and we no longer have dusty ashes to sweep from wood burning fireplaces (or do we?!) there is definitely still room for Spring Cleaning in the modern American home.

The Process

Whether your polishing all your silver or just tossing those old winter boots that can’t be cobbled any longer, spring is a great time for deep cleaning and decluttering. If you’re hosting your in-laws for the first time in your new home, you might want to follow a room-by-room cleaning checklist so you don’t get caught with dusty ceiling fans that your mom-in-law will be sure to notice. Have a home office or just drowning in paper? Files and gadgets need spring cleaning too. Just renting and want a quick spruce up? Here are some totally doable spring cleanings tasks courtesy of Apartment Therapy. And regardless if you just moved in, or want to sell, never underestimate the power of elbow grease combined with the right cleaning products to make your home look bright, beautiful and turnkey.

The Wrap-up

With a little effort, you can clear the cobwebs of winter and bring your home into spring… or, to spare yourself the time and effort, book an appointment with a deep-cleaning service like NY Brite and let them do the hard work for you.

The Conversation Cheat Sheet

Let’s talk about…

Money, for a change. We knew it was too good to be true. The Fed raised interest rates… again. These recent tax reforms might have you wondering if renting might not be such a bad idea — and, to be frank, if you plan on moving in one to two years, you’d be right. Just keep in mind, landlords and lenders love good credit scores. Want to check out the state of credit around the country? Check this out. Most surprising? Folks in cold weather states seem to have the best credit scores while warm weather states trail at the bottom… maybe too much money buying ice cream to cool off?!

Then comes baby in the baby carriage…

We fell in love with these fantastical nursery and kid’s room ideas where creativity meets functionality. (Personal fave: elephants!) Another nice touch? Making “lights out” into “lights on” time with these sweet night lights. And when it’s party time, these healthy snacks would make us sit at the kids’ table for sure.

“My momma always said, life was like a box of chocolates.”

Mother’s Day is May 13! Take mom out to brunch at one of these awesome NYC brunch places. Or, for a feast for the eyes, take her to Sakura Matsuri 2018: Brooklyn Botanic Garden Cherry Blossom Festival. Before the big day, treat yourself to a smorgasbord of delights at the Bacon and Beer Classichappening soon at Citi Field where you can sample beers from regional breweries and eat bacon-infused dishes from local chefs.

The Gabriele Moment

My New BFF: Home Automation

I have to admit, I have a few new BFFs. Let’s see, there’s Alexa, Siri, Roomba and Nest… then there’s Wemo, Tile and Apple TV. I could go on. Maybe they’re your BFFs as well? My kids, of course, outsmart me when it comes to our TV but no one is tighter with Roomba than me (floors cleaned with the push of a button!) and I totally get Wemo who lets me shut off the lights of my fourth floor bedroom without hiking up three flights of stairs.

You might think it takes big bucks to create a smart home, but it’s easier and less pricey than you might think. I am pretty lucky to be blessed with a tech-savvy husband and have to credit Marc as the genius behind our home automation. If you’d like a homeowner-to-homeowner demonstration of how to create and run a smart home, we’re opening up our home in May to celebrate the spring with our extended network. Click here to receive a personal invitation to join us. No endorsements, no sales, just some neighborly advice and lots of fun.

They Said It

“Gabriele’s unflappable grace helped us negotiate a tricky bidding war to chose the right buyers and close without a hitch. She knows the market and the neighborhood like no one else and gives phenomenal advice.” ~ C.C. and D.E., seller

Each month, in this new section of our newsletter, you’ll find stories to inspire you. We’ve reached out to our clients, colleagues and friends to ask them to answer the question of what home means to them. Is it the struggle to save up for the dream of home ownership? The quest to find your place in a new community? Or simply finding a place where you’re free to be you? Read on. Reach out. Connect.

Home Is Where I’m At

By Guest Contributor Yossi Notik
Dedicated father, husband, and passionate mortgage banker.

Home. People say home is where the heart is. And that’s probably true. But for me, home is where I’m at. Where I’m truly at. Where I can “let my hair down” and put my feet up. The place where I can let my guard down and turn up my inner music. It’s the place where I can truly be, as me, without inhibition or pretense. My home is where all judgment is suspended and the love is unconditional. Home belongs to me, to my wife, to my children. It’s where we belong to each other.

Our house is where we build our home. Its walls, by their physical nature, create the boundaries that allow us to focus on the most precious aspects of our life. I became a spouse at my wedding hall, but I became a husband and partner in my home. I became a father in the hospital, but I have become a dad at home.

If you want to know where you can find me, the true me, the unfiltered me, the me where my core values most permeate, you can find me at home.

We love hearing from our nuclear families, downtown hipsters, animal-friendly citizens, and our eco-conscious dwellers. All the movers, shakers and transplants. The Gabriele Sewtz Team aims to reinvent what it takes to make the real estate journey effortless. And in doing so, aligns with the Compass vision of helping others find their place in this world. It can be a scary place sometimes, but we’ve got your back. If you agree, would you take a minute to help us out with a referral?

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