December 2018: Wishing You Peace

The snow crunches beneath your feet as you climb the six stairs to your building’s front door. Inside, there are happy lights, the smell of cinnamon, and the sounds of laughter coming from the kitchen. A sense of peace and gratitude takes over as you hang your coat on its hook and shake the snow from your hat… no, this is not yet another holiday movie special. This is your home in winter. Or it can be. Read on!

The Story: Home for the Holidays

The Jump Off

The holidays always remind us of the importance of home. It is a time to reflect, to celebrate the small joys in life, and to be together with the ones we love. The happy memories we make during the holidays sustain us through the long winter months, and your home can keep the cheer going all season long as well.

The Process

Whether it’s setting up a hot cocoa barfor friends on a cold night, or cutting up paper snowflakes with your kids on a Saturday morning, there’s a million ways to welcome the season into your home. There are so many cozy winter decorating ideas to choose from, and tons of fun items to gift to yourself or others that can make your home bright and cheerful even on those cold and cloudy days. Winter forces us indoors and is a naturally good time to think about your space and how to make the best of every room so that even when the wreathes are down and the houseguests leave, you’ll be left with a place that lifts your spirits and gives you peace.

The Wrap Up

Whether you’re entertaining a crowd or getting some much needed me-time, being home for the holidays means appreciating the little things, and focusing on the thoughts behind the gifts. Being home allows us to be ourselves in a space that brings us, and those around us, joy.

The Conversation Cheat Sheet

For those of you settling into a new home or just reviving your old one for the season, here are some of the latest trends in holiday decorations. Need some inspiration? Make a trip to see the new topper on the tree at Rockefeller Center and if you find yourself shopping, don’t forget to check this list twice as well.

When you’re cozying up at home, here’s a healthier take on those decadent Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars. And if you’re looking for a fun way to round off the evening, try one of these great board games the whole family can enjoy.

“If you want to be happy in a million ways” — as the song says — hire a stager before you sell your home since simple decluttering is no longer enough to give you an edge in a slower market. (Bonus: as a certified stager, I’m able to give all my clients that extra advantage by setting up their homes to be show-ready!)

The Gabriele Moment: Giving Thanks Party

At my home, our favorite way to kick off the holidays is our annual pre-Thanksgiving soiree where friends, colleagues and clients are all invited to share in some festive food and holiday cheer. It’s a fun way to reconnect and say thank you to those who have allowed me to be part of their real estate journey. Another favorite holiday tradition is our family’s yearly donation to First Book, a charity that provides books to children in need. Books can spark the imagination, open up the world to you no matter who or where you are. Giving back in such a meaningful way brings joy to our lives, and for that we are truly grateful!

Share The Joy

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