May 2017: All Things Seem Possible in May

Memorial Day is just around the corner! Beaches will open and there are enough parades and events around the city to keep you thoroughly entertained. Read on for more info as well as some new and noteworthy trends in real estate and design.

The Story: The Truth Hurts

The Jump Off
The other day, a seller asked me to lie. Of course, they didn’t say it that way. They wanted me to knowingly misrepresent something and, when I refused, their comeback was, “Hey, it’s no big deal — ” followed by the even more disturbing “ — other agents do it.” But when I set out on this professional journey ten years ago, I promised to be the kind of broker that I had yet to have: I wanted to be honest, reliable, and always keep my client’s best interests at heart. I wanted to stick to the truth, even if it hurt.
The Process
And sometimes the truth does hurt. Sometimes it’s shallowly hidden in clever lingo. The house that “needs a few upgrades” is literally falling down around you. “Steps from the train” means right on top of it and no, that constant rumble does not translate into white noise. “Three bedrooms” really means two plus a closet-less, windowless alcove. These are things you can at least discover for yourself in a typical walkthrough. But what about more hidden issues like leaks, rodents, or smoking neighbors? Only due diligence can discover these defects. And while as a buyer you might be willing to overlook these issues at the right price, always keep resale at the back of your mind. If you’re not willing and able to rectify these defects, you’ll be looking at steep discounts at your own sale.
The Wrap-Up
If you see a listing that’s too good to be true, it probably is. Everyone’s tolerance threshold is different but as a buyer you should do your homework and trust your gut. If it’s not right for you, or not right at all, walk away. As a seller it can hurt when the market is speaking loud and clear against you, but sometimes the best solution is to grin and bear it with dignity and truth. Which brings me back to the beginning of my story. “I want you to be happy,” I finally wrote to my would-be seller, “but with another broker.” A big shout out of gratitude to Compass for having my back and helping me do the right thing.

The Conversation Cheat Sheet

What to say to that hungover coworker who swears she’ll never take another drink…
Never say never. As to other nevers, “I don’t do Brooklyn,” is losing ground with a lot of Manhattanites whose needs are changing with their lifestyles.
Speaking of needs, we definitely believe in love at first sight. However, unless you’re all cash, it does help to keep falling in love over and over again until you find the right place. (But maybe not one hundred times!)
There is a high entry barrier into real estate, especially for millennials. Just a thought: allowing parent gifting might stop the softness of this market and the slipping co-op prices.
What to do if you’ve overdosed on guacamole and salsa…
Too busy celebrating Cinco de Mayo to catch the BKLYN DESIGNS show? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Shocked that the pretty chandelier you saw during the walkthrough is gone when you move in? It happens. Here are some great alternatives. If you’ve ever been to Europe, you might have noticed that built-in closets aren’t really the thing. European three-year-olds can assemble an IKEA wardrobe faster than they can finger-paint. Looking for something a little more original? Check out this IKEA hack.
Make new friends but keep the old…
A 19th century warehouse in DUMBO will become home to the Brooklyn Historical Society’s second location on May 19th. Exhibits will explore the interwoven stories of workers and artists, neighborhoods and ecosystems, all to tell the global and local history of Brooklyn’s waterfront.
Looking for a Memorial Day off the beaten path? Historic Greenwood Cemetery will be hosting a concert featuring local composers. Not your style? Picnic on the Hudson and watch the ships and fighter jets go by during Fleet Week.

The Gabriele Moment

Here’s what I’ve been up to these past few weeks as I walk, bike and race between the bridges and the parks.


I love that I get to be part of my customers’ and clients’ real estate journeys and that those relationships extend way beyond the closing date. That’s why my family’s annual spring party is so special to me. It’s a chance to reconnect with clients, colleagues, friends and their families. I get to hear your renovation stories or meet the newest addition to your family. And I love introducing the people in my network to each other and watching them make new connections of their own. I am so pleased that so many of you could join us this year, and every year, and I’m grateful to Robert and his family for making it their tradition to attend. Compass really feels like its own family — their support and friendship has really made all the difference.

They Said It

“In this day and age it is unique to experience good service from smart, honest and honorable people. You are one of those unique people. Your marketing skills coupled with your market knowledge are outstanding.” ~ J.Z., Seller

Don’t take my word for it! Read more independent reviews of my services from members of Park Slope Parents.

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