Name: Adidas

Advertisement: Sport Needs Creators

  1. There are various scenes of various sport teams, fields, and locker rooms.
  2. There is an over voice that has very hyped up, excited tone and various sporting event back ground events.
  3. There are various shots used all including different athletes practicing their skills and other scenes of professional athletes. They all have the same message that athletes are just skill and working out but they bring their own flare to their craft.
  4. The main theme of the commercial is to share that Adidas not only provides high performance footwear and gear but also help bring a creativity that helps each player stand out. In the different scenes we see each player in a unique piece of Adidas apparel or footwear. Adidas wants to show that they can compete with competitors not only in high performance athletic gear but have a creative edge.
  5. The target market is for athletes who are looking for amazing athletic gear that will help them stand out creatively in whatever sport they play.
  6. The benefits are to help athletes be able to not only have an edge in their specific sport but to creatively stand out all while wearing high performance gear.
  7. The call to action is to not only just wear a cookie cutter uniform but to stand out and be creative when it comes to you footwear or accessories that Adidas offers.
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