Kazakh mini-oligarch Islamist Tokmadi confessed to the murder of banker Tatishev.

Muratkhan Tokmadi confessed to the murder of ex-chairman of Bank Turan Alem Yerzhan Tatishev

The second part of the film about the convicted businessman Muratkhan Tokmadi appeared on the KTK channel.

As is known, Tatishev died on December 19, 2004 as a result of a hunting accident. According to the version of the investigation, Muratkhan Tokmadi accidentally shot Tatishev’s neck. The incident was qualified as an accident as a result of careless handling of weapons.

As Tokmadi admits, he committed the murder intentionally, at the request of a runaway banker Mukhtar Ablyazov, and in 2004 bribed an investigation that found him innocent of the murder.

The film says that the gun from which the banker was killed has been checked several times to show that he can shoot accidentally.

Shortly before the death of Tatishev Tokmadi took a large amount of money in the bank — more than four million dollars.

Togmadi began to create a joint business with his friend Sergei Nepupkin. However, after the death of Tatishev, when Tokmadi was suspected of murder, banks stopped giving money to a businessman.

For the reputation of Muratkhan Tokmadi stood Mukhtar Ablyazov, who began to slander Tatishchev, urging Tokmadi that the banker could at any time substitute him, thus persuading the businessman to physically eliminate Tatishev.

According to the author of the film, this attitude of Ablyazov to Tatishev is caused by envy and indignation. After the death of Erzhan Tatishev, his place in the bank was taken by Ablyazov.

On June 12, the Kazakh special services detained the adviser of the general director of KazStroySteklo LLP, Muratkhan Tokmadi, during a special operation in Almaty. The businessman was detained on suspicion of committing a crime under the article “Extortion for the purpose of obtaining property on a large scale.”

The businessman is suspected that in 2005 he threatened and extorted from the co-founder of LLP “Semyuzhok” and “Kazstroisteklo” the share of the statutory fund of enterprises. It was noted that by his actions he caused damage in the amount of more than 185 million tenge.

Muratkhan Tokmadi concluded a deal with the investigation on pleading guilty. The court sentenced him to imprisonment for three years.

The entrepreneur’s family actively supports him, repeatedly stating that he did not commit criminal offenses.

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