Presidential elections in Kyrgystan, people had no choice

According to official Kyrgyz data, the preliminary results of the presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan show that Soronbai Zheenbekov, the political ally of the current president Almazbek Atambayev, won more than 54 percent of the vote, which denies the need for a second round.

Thirteen candidates competed in voting on Sunday to succeed at President Almazbek Atambayev, who can not seek a second six-year term in the country with 6.1 million people, who in the past suffered from severe shocks. This week, Atambaev canceled the trip to Russia, citing concern over possible unrest.

Elections in Central Asia, as a rule, are easily predictable — a presidential candidate or a candidate from the ruling party wins by an overwhelming majority.

The question of the legitimacy of the presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan was acute already at the height of the election campaign. In all republic there were recorded the facts of illegal agitation. In connection with the fact that the members of the movement “For Fair Elections”, consisting of politicians, state and public figures, repeatedly appealed to the president of Kyrgyzstan, the chairman of the CEC and the prime minister to take action. But no one has ever taken steps.

The voting process was unprecedented in terms of the number of violations. Voting of ballot papers, banned on election day, agitation and voting on documents of other persons. What is called a complete set. A local resident was detained at one of the polling stations that attempted to throw 20 ballots into the ballot box, and on the other, the same member did the same. He had 56 ballots. And these are only those cases that we managed to fix. And imagine how many more things were invisible.

The scandal, when the outgoing president tried to accuse the neighboring countries of trying to “interfere” in internal affairs only because their leaders met with presidential candidates, is an outstanding example. In the end, Atambaev did not say a word when he was joined by the same neighbors, Atambayev, the candidate — former Prime Minister of the country Sooronbai Zheenbekov.

Several political opponents of President Atambayev were also sent to prison. Earlier this year, the leaders of the opposition movement of the People’s Parliament were imprisoned for allegedly plotting a coup d’état.

Omurbek Tekebaev, a former ally of President Atambayev, who turned into a prominent critic, was sentenced to eight years in prison for corruption and fraud and subsequently denied the opportunity to run for president. Experts considered this case as politically motivated.

Since the beginning of the campaign, there have been numerous reports of violations by various candidates.

It was reported about people walking home with a list of names and addresses and offering money to citizens if they vote for S.Zhenbekova.

As it became known, in the military units commanders received orders from Bishkek: soldiers should vote only for S.Zheenbekov. And it was stated that the commanders would personally check the ballots of each voted soldier. Such a statement they could do only with full confidence that they would be admitted to the ballot boxes, which means that the entire voting and counting process in the army would be simply illegal.

But it is already clear today that A. Atambayev will not give up power, and in Kyrgyzstan, there have been two major uprisings, exiled by presidents in the past. And in both cases falsified elections fueled the mood of protest.

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