But, darling

I know, sweetheart, that we’ve tried
But in the end, you and I, we lied

Now, honey, I have seen
But, I’m addicted to the saline
And, sometimes, I wanna keep you, in between

But, darling, you’re just a yesterday
Eventful, passed and faux
You are not a present like today
You are not hope like tomorrow

But, darling, you’re just a photograph
Colourful, sentimental and still
You are not a story of evermore 
You don’t reborn, rise and soar

But, darling, you’re just a verse
Meaningful, short and quick
You don’t grow and elaborate
You are not complete then evaporate

But, darling, you’re just a star
Beautiful, faint and distant
You don’t rise, shine, and radiate 
You don’t set, glow, and illuminate

But, I’m sorry, baby
Now, maybe, I’m ready

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