Dear Ghost

I need to tell you something

Dear Ghost,

I’m writing this because we need to talk. You’ve been haunting me for a while. You are always there, in every corner, every nook, and every time I look behind. You come to me on the break of dawn, during the day, every sunsets and every moon and starlight I gaze upon. You are always there, to light a faint smile, across my face.

Dear Ghost,
You make me happy. Or at least you remind me, how it felt like to be happy.

You bring melancholy with you, and it reminds me that my heart, however bruised and hollow at times it feels, is beating, and not broken.

You, and only you, in the weirdest, most bizarre way, reminds me that I am alive.

Dear Ghost,
I am not sad anymore, that you are dead. I am not sad that you’re all I have left, after I burned everything down. I don’t even miss your living presence anymore. So why are you still here ?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not opposing your presence. Like I said, you make me happy. You make me feel alive. The melancholy that you bring, I am kinda addicted to it.

But, my dear Ghost,
You’re not real.

I am not real.

How can I be real, 
If you keep staring back at me, 
My dear Ghost ?

Dear Ghost,
I want to live 
I want to be real
I want to be there, when tomorrow comes.

I don’t know how to exorcise you 
I don’t know whether someday you’ll fade away and be gone
So please, teach me how to dance with you
So if tomorrow comes, and you’re still there
I can see you smiling back at me.

But, my dear Ghost,
If tomorrow never comes
If you’re everything I have left
I still will be grateful and will cherish you
Because you will always reminds me, that I was alive, yesterday.

And lastly, my dear Ghost,
When I wake up, and you’re gone
I just want to thank you
For you were



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