How to build a multi-layered neural network in Python
Milo Spencer-Harper

Great pair of articles. Read both thoroughly and tried replicating your teachings to another problem.

There seems to be an issue with the matrices and I would like to know the fix. When adding layers, I want to have a 32 neurons with 94936 inputs (meaning the dataset has 30 rows and a couple more columns but I have splitted the set).

Lets say this the input matrix and output, respectively: Train Inputs Matrix(94936, 30); Train Outputs Matrix (94935, 30)

When running the sigmoid functions, Python outputs:

`ValueError: shapes (94936,30) and (94936,30) not aligned: 30 (dim 1) != 94936 (dim 0)`

All dimensions make sense so I am completely lost to find out what I am doing wrong when splitting the datasets.


Thanks in advance!

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