Day 7 : Sept 12 — I am up and on the porch drinking a cup of coffee and eating a wonderful fresh cherry muffin. I shared some pleasant conversation with Perry and Reynard while Reynard prepared breakfast. I am in no hurry today since it is still windy and I am still a bit sore.

We head to the back porch where I wonderful breakfast has been layed out.

Fresh fruit, juice, coffee, sausage and these delicious pancakes shaped in a ball with fruit inside. Life is good.

I am given a little history of the place and then I tour the property. Like the view the property is beautiful. Perry and Reynard have worked very hard and the house is lovely, the gardens are a gardeners envy.

And the views spectacular. The house sits up on the top of a bluff 800 feet above the Chippewa River where it flows into the Mississippi River.

Chippewa River:

Mississippi River:

Say goodbyes to Perry and Reynard and Perry gives me a lift back down to the river.

Got on the river late (12:30) and even though it was still windy I finally got the current back.

Trick is to stay tight against the shoreline, watch for fallen trees and to stay out of the wind. Don’t get as much current but at least you don’t get pummeled by the wind.

Finally able to make good progress. Covered 12 miles in 4 hours which is not great but much better than yesterday’s 1 mph average.

Lots of great pictures which i will need to post later including some great shots from Wabasha Minnesota and the National Eagle Center which us right on the water.

Notice my tiny little kayak in the lower left corner of the picture.

After a quick tour of the Center ad the town of Wabasha I head back down river.

I arrived at Lock and Dam #4 around 5:00 PM.

There was a barge locking through so I had to wait an hour in the upstream pool before they could put me thru.

Landed about 1 mile downstream of the lock and got off the water after paddling 25 miles. Packed and portaged to the BnB ( The Tritsch House) in the town of Alma where I will be staying for the night.

Dropped the gear off, took a quick hot shower and walked in Alma (just 1 main street called Main Street).

Salad, hamburger and a beer at the Empire Room and Monday night football at the bar (Steelers vs Redskins) and back to the house for the nite. Twenty five miles for the day. Not too bad and not too sore.

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