A Daily Hero

The world and everyone around us needs a hero.

We all want to be Heroes, don’t we? We want to become the person that others look up to.

Some of us want to be the person who everyone looks forward to for suggestions/solutions and some want to help/solve others’ problems without them noticing it. The reason for this is- it makes us feel good about ourselves.

The way you want to become a hero depends on what/whom you grew up looking at. For example, if you admired Superman in your childhood, you don’t mind getting recognition for what you did. If Batman, then you would not want people to recognize you but your work.

So we wait for big situations to come up and we could do something really very awesome, solve someone’s problem, save their world. We are always ready and waiting, we have all the confidence and interest in doing it.

But, how many of us have actually done that, how many of us are still waiting? Most of us, I am sure.

“Hero about to be” isn’t this our current state?

How about changing our state to “Hero in training”?

How about solving daily problems, however small they may be?

· You go and oil the squeaky gate and reduce it’s noise- you will be the hero for an oldie who is always annoyed by it.

· You carry a mobile charger with you to office so that when your colleague runs out of charge, you lend him yours- you will be the life saver to him/her at that moment.

· Asking politely the sick guy to hold a hanky to his mouth before sneezing- you are the hero for the people around you.

· Help your mother in put the container in the top shelf, father to fill a bucket with water to clean the vehicle

and so on.

I am not asking you to do others work, you would not feel to do it, it is not your job. I would not do others work for them.

Nevertheless, I would not mind doing a small part of their work. You too can spend some energy to do a small thing. All I am asking is to do something, that would reduce their effort by 10–20%. A little more, a little less, would be fine too.

If you cannot be the reason for happiness of others, what you can do is invest in their happiness.

You don’t have to really make connections with people if you are not interested; but you can listen to what they genuinely aspire; and wish them good luck. Sometimes, people want just that. Or do something for them, however small it may be. They’ll be glad. You’ll feel good. You will be a hero. A hero at that moment, for that scale.

And then, forget about it! Forget about what all good things you have done to others. If you remember them, then some day you’ll feel that nobody cares about them and you’ll feel sad. You don’t want that.

This is the trick. You do a good deed. You don’t have to remember it.

You don’t have to remember what you have actually done. You just have to remember that you’ve done something good.

This will boost your self esteem. You will feel good about yourselves; while others may not know what you are:

A Daily Hero.

“A small deed is greater than a big intention”

While everyone around us are waiting for that big moment to become a big hero, let us solve our daily problems and become a daily hero. Let us do the right things. Let us not win every argument for the sake of good. Let us right the wrongs done so far.

When you become the best version of yourself, you improve your life, as well as the lives of those around you. When you’re strong (mentally and physically) and motivated, you can help others become strong and motivated too. When you’re capable of setting goals, forming habits, and having the grit to step up and be the hero that you can be, you can help others do the same.
That’s your mission.
-Eric Weinbrenner

Let us be the Daily Hero the world and everyone around us needs.