Your College Degree is Worthless
Isaac Morehouse

Mentioning Altucher and his *philosophy* [canned laughter here] should have been already a strong warning signal, but it might be just my bias never to understand his “genius” and even moving to basically block getting feed from his cookie-cutter life advice on Quora.

Nevertheless, the rest of the article is weak and biased, pointing out specific cases and not taking into account what most other readers have already clearly pointed out: a degree CAN be good, depending on the field, the market and, of course, you.

Would you say that a degree you can basically get for free or very little money in most advanced countries to become a doctor, architect or more is totally pointless?

More importantly, would you live in a place built by a non-architect sending you some piece of brick and cheap advice, later to be cured by an enthusiast non-doctor when you are found under the debris?

Come. On.

Over-simplified “truths” are just the mark of this era, the golden age of demagoguery…

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