Twenty-Seven and blessed 😇

It’s been more than a year that I’ve spent the time alone here in The US, away from my family and friends. And it was the second birthday I celebrated without any of them. Am I sad? Or happy? Well you tell me at the end of this article… Oh wait, I know the title gives it away a little bit. Well, never mind.😄

I recall that it’s been a rough week. Because, the people who are up to date with me would know, it was the week I had to write three exams, namely qualification exam for the PhD. Don’t ask me how was it, cause I don’t know yet 🙈 Anyway, I think I was lucky in a way, cause my papers were supposed to end on Friday by noon and my birthday on the next day, Saturday. Woohoo 💃 Cause however the papers would turn out, at least they will be over.

Are birthdays a big deal? Honestly, I don’t know. Different people think of it in different ways. I enjoy the day. I enjoy the attention 😉 Some would say, why be happy, cause you are another year older. If we follow that rule, we won’t be happy ever. Cause every day, we will be another day older. So I choose to be happy and enjoy my birthday without worrying about ageing. Because as a matter of fact, we all age, indefinitely.

So.. It was still Friday afternoon. My phone started to ring. It was my mom calling from home 😍 As it was midnight for them, she wanted to be the first one to wish me. Then, few of my uncles, aunts and cousins called following my mom’s call. Just like that, my birthday started, even before it was officially my birthday.

It was exactly midnight, when my roommate came in with a gift in her hand. Apparently, the one friend I thought was distant from me all this time, has gone through a lot of trouble planning out the entire thing even before one month (because of some reasons), and there I was, with no patience to open the gift. It was strange feeling. A happy feeling 😊 Because, it is always good to know that we are special to the people who are special to us. That was (It’s my mistake to think ‘was’), but I’m happy to say ‘still is’, my best friend, who will always be special to me.. Oh and another thing, the wish at midnight, which came all these years right on spot, didn’t fail to come this year as well. With the gift in my hand and wish in my ear, my friend made me the happiest friend on the world at that moment 😊

I saved the best part to the very end 😄 Can it get any better, you may ask. Hell yes! Haha. So being a crazy F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan my self, I’m so psyched to say that, my inner fan girl is highly satisfied on this birthday. The few F.R.I.E.N.D.S. merchandises I wished I had, were on my door step waiting for me sent by two crazy friends who know me so well 💜

Not only these, the cards, the calls, the messages.. I was overwhelmed by all the love. All the love my family and friends gave me although I’m far far away. I did not blow out candles or cut a cake for that matter. But, this is so far the best birthday I had. I will keep saying it was my best birthday for every birthday ahead, I’m sure. That is because, it is the truth. My loved ones never fail to make my day better every year ❤️️

Some might say, these things are materialistic. Some might even say that I’m so cheesy. Well, I am. I like to call my self “old-school”. Cause that is who I am. I get excited by letters, greeting cards, or even when someone remembers what I like or what I said.. I have a “box of letters”.. Which I collect everything I get from my loved ones. Everything is precious to me. Because, I know, those are the things which will trigger all the good memories. It is inevitable for the people to drift apart. But if there is a way for us to remember how good the old times were, it will always be easier to go back and return to our old selves 😊

So, on my twenty-seventh birthday, I realized how much the people around me love me. And it made me realize I never am alone and also so much blessed.

Ps: It’s never complete without a funny story huh? So here we go.. Birthdays are not that easy in one hand, specially for single girl slike me. LOL. Cause there are always friends around to make sure that we remember that we are “single and alone” and also “it‘s about time” 😛 And this year I got another phrase added to the list — “Biological clock is ticking” 😉 Well, I know man. Haha. But I am not in a rush to surrender just because the biological clock is ticking. I mean it’s not that I don’t wanna settle, who would’t? But it will take some more time as I feel 😅 Until that, keep all those “concerned thoughts” coming. Or as I always say, ‘find a guy for me if you are worried’ 😉

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