Abortion: The Taking of an Innocent Life (w2)

There is a great amount of people who claim that abortion is the choice of the mother. But, are we not in America? Where everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Although there are many disagreements on whether life starts at conception or if it starts at birth, it has actually been scientifically proven that life starts at conception. So, if life starts at conception, then a fetus most definitely has rights, and with their rights, they cannot have their life taken from them.

Although it is not possible for an unborn baby to defend themselves on whether or not they can be aborted, what makes it right for someone else to decide to take the life of a defenseless human? Just because an embryo cannot defend itself, doesn’t make it justified to give anyone else the right to be able to take the life of that embryo.

Often, people form an opinion on abortion without knowing how it is performed, or without even giving it any thought at all. People must know that an abortion is a very gruesome process, and there is not only one type of abortion. The fetus can be suctioned out all together, it can be cut up into pieces inside of the mother’s body and then scraped out, or the fetus can be poisoned so the mother will later give birth to a dead or dying baby. And those are not even the worst of the methods. As the pregnancy goes on, the methods of abortion get more horrifying. Another method requires body parts of the fetus to be grabbed by a clamp and ripped off while they are being pulled out of the mother’s body, this is done until all the body parts are pulled out and there is only the fetus’ head left, the head is then crushed in order to be taken out of the uterus. The worst of them all though, is when the baby’s legs are grabbed by forceps and then pulled out, the mother gives birth to the entire body except for the head. The skull is then opened with scissors so that the contents can be sucked out. The contents being sucked out causes the skull to completely collapse, and the rest of the fetus is then taken out. And yes, the little baby who has hair, fingernails, eyelashes, and can smile, frown, suck its thumb, and even somersault, can most definitely feel pain.

The argument that I often hear from women or mothers on the topic of abortion is “my body, my choice.” But, that could also correspond to the pro-life argument because technically, the body of a fetus is not the body of the mother, it is its own body. So, the mother does not have the right to end the life of a fetus. By this argument, the only one who would be able to end the life of that fetus would be the fetus himself. Not to mention the fact that the mother consented to having sexual relations in order to get herself pregnant, fully aware that it was her body and her choice to have intercourse, knowing it was a possibility she could get pregnant. Unless it was in the case of rape, where less than one percent of people who obtain abortions, are actually rape victims.

Many people think that since I have very strong feelings against abortion, I am against women’s rights. I honestly think that this is a preposterous assumption that people make of me. I am a woman, and I believe women should have the right to do anything they want to. I believe they should have the right to make as much money as men do, have the right to choose their own doctors, choose their own husbands and choose their own jobs. But, this does not mean that I believe women should be able to choose to end the life of a fetus. And for that matter, any woman who wants to end the life of a fetus doesn’t particularly care for women’s rights, she is only selfish, caring for her own rights, because she just wants what would be best for her in her own life.

It is true that embryos are much smaller than adults, and they are even smaller than newborns. But, that doesn’t mean a larger being can have authority over its life. Men are often times bigger than women, but men don’t have authority over women. Women even argue that they don’t have as many rights as men, and they want to be equal, but yet, some women feel like they should have more rights than a fetus? I must say that that’s extremely contradictory.

Women make the argument that since the fetus is dependent on them, they should be able to say whether or not they want to birth the baby. But, if this is the case, should people who are dependent on certain medicines have less rights? Or people who have diabetes and have to depend on insulin? Nope, that’s not how it works in America.

As a final point, it is evident that abortion is completely selfish. Often times the mother just doesn’t want to deal with the trouble of having a child, cannot afford it, it doesn’t work in their schedule to be pregnant. Also, embryos are proven to be human beings, which means that they have rights as well. In America, everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This absolutely pertains to an unborn baby as well.




Author’s note:

In this, I tried to give many facts about the topic and elaborate on them, as Woolf. I gave input from other people, and attempted to counter them with facts and with my own opinions and my own input. I also asked a lot of question just as Woolf does in her novel. I attempted to use the word “I,” because that is what Woolf does in her novel. I attempted to write more all around like Woolf this time as opposed to in w1.