my experience in the bootcamp day3

Indeed everyday in andela bootcamp has its own challenges and a lot to learn in just a little time, and today was no different from the other days. I had anticipated that I would finish the assignment early since I assumed I had become a pro at unit testing in python. To my surprise when I opened the programs for today, they only gave the option for javascript meaning I had to do them in javascript. 
Seriously it was the least on my expectation, since the LFAs had assured us at the beginning of the bootcamp that all the labs were to be done in python.

Honestly I first got scared on how I would be able to write javascript code that is testable in that little time I had. I later saw it as an opportunity to learn unit testing in javascript. After reading a few pdfs online and watching a crash course on youtube I become confident and wrote all the programs perfectly.

Today’s challenge has taught me not to fear any programming challenge again, after all there are many resources online to guide me.

Thanks for reading,see you again…

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