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I can’t deny that I love typography. Not only does it help your designs to have the right message, but it also helps to say it with the right letterforms. I have been writing articles about fonts, design, and typography for years. I have a few guides on the web that help designers understand the different parts of a typeface, their categories, and how to use them. Special note: Here is a link to the free Type Guide bonus found at the bottom of the page: Click Here to Download

With that being said, you can imagine I have gathered quite a collection of fonts throughout the years. Every single on I’ve shared in my posts have been used in my design work. They all have had their place in my arsenal. Some fit your regular categories, such as serif, sans serif, etc, while others may be a little more abstract, they are still practical.


I have put together a list of the different collections I have accumulated over the years, with a link to each. Use this to help you find the types of fonts you’re looking for, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish. To best one of the best graphic designers in Knoxville TN, I have to keep up with the latest font & typography trends.

Thin, Elegant Fonts

These fonts are all thin, for that simple elegant look. To check them out, visit here.

Bold, Abstract Fonts

These may look a little too bold, but they’ve come in handy when I wanted to make an impact. When it comes down to it, you have to choose the look that is right for the project.

15 Free Bold Fonts You Should Be Using

Bebas & Bebas Neue are my go-to fonts for a lot of bold headlines.

These bold fonts are perfect for headlines and display type in posters or flyers.

15 Essential Serif Fonts for Designers

These serif fonts are perfect for classic design. They are easy to read and are great for designs which need a more traditional look.

Great Headline Fonts For Instant Attention

You’ll discover the best headline fonts for making a bold statement. Want your message to be heard? You’ll want these fonts!

The 10 Best Stencil Fonts

Looking for the stenciled look? A lot of those types of typefaces don’t hold up well in your designs. I collected all of the best ones in one place.

The Best Handwritten Fonts

Looking to add a friendly, more approachable tough to your work? Use one of these handwriting fonts for your work. They also work well in organic applications, too.

The 21 Best Free Script Fonts

Script fonts are different from handwriting fonts, because they are usually more decorative. these are create for restaurants, markets, and anything you might want to have a more fluid look.

12 Spectacular Retro Fonts

If you’re looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your work, these retro fonts will do just that. Adding a sense of retro style in a time that is so modern and minimalistic can really make your design stand out.

14 More Retro Fonts

Some of this collection may overlap the 1st, but there are also a lot of other good ones included in this collection.

Free Techno Fonts

Have a technology design you want to stand out? Use the right technology-based font. There are a lot of digital examples here.

10 Great Grunge Fonts for the Destroyed Look

I put together a collection of the 10 best free grunge fonts out there. This one was tough because it’s hard to find a destroyed or decayed font that is still easy to read.

The 16 Best Free Slab Serif Fonts

Slab serif fonts are great when your need something weighty, with a strong base. My personal favorite is Bevan, shown above, but you’ll definitely want to check out the rest of this collection.

Newer Font Collections (Assorted)

Over the past few years I’ve put together a hodge-podge of the coolest, newest, nicest looking free fonts out there. A lot of designers use these to promote their skills, so they design them for free, and grow their following. You’ll want to check out these collections, because there’s something here for everyone and for just about every type of project you can imagine.

New Free Fonts October 2014

Just from looking at these fonts, you can get an idea of the craftsmanship that went into making each one. Nexa is just an example, with different weights and styles.

June Free Fonts You’ll love

This is one of my latest posts featuring a handful of the best new free fonts. There’s bound to be something you’ll want to add to your collection.

New Free Fonts to Strengthen Your Designs

This collection features a lot of specialty typefaces. If you’re looking for something in particular for a special project, you might find it here!

Great Free Fonts February 2015

This collection is a mixed bag of script fonts, bold fonts, and fonts with varying weights. Panton is a good freebie, with 4 weights for free.

Free Fonts

I just love the look of the fonts in this collection. I love the example above, plus I like another free font in this collection called Cathedral.

12 Fresh Free Fonts

The fonts in this collection are all different. You’ll find a lot of unexpected goodies in this batch.

New Free Fonts You’ll Love

From decorative and ornate, to geometric and clean, this collection has some great fonts in different weights.

19 New Free Fonts For the Summer

Bold, thin, modern, tall, script, inline, and even slab serif: his collection has it all.

27 Great Free Fonts With Presence

If you want a list of a lot of my personal favorite fonts all on one place, this post has most of them. This collection of 27 awesome fonts includes just about everything I use on a regular basis.

20 Awesome Free Fonts

This is a collection of 20 awesome free fonts that are all flexible and can be used in a lot of different ways. This is one of my favorite collections, because the fonts included aren’t commonly shared. You’ll find some rare ones here that haven’t been plastered all over the place.

10 Unique Free Fonts

You’ll love these free fonts, because they aren’t shared all over the place. They have a lot of character, especially the set called unique.

8 Practical Free Fonts

These free fonts can be used in almost anything. They all have different weights and styles, so they are definitely practical.

Elegant Free Fonts

You’ll be excited to use these elegant free fonts for your next project.

20 Great Examples of Awesome Free Fonts

This collection has some of the best free fonts all rolled into one collection.

The Absolute Best Free Fonts of 2012

I know this collection is from 3 years ago, but I use still every single one of these fonts except for 1 or 2. that’s what makes this collection so great, is that it is still relevant and applicable now.

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