KYC AIRDROP: How do I get whitelisted for GStar.AI’s token sale?

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After much anticipation, GStar.AI’s token sale is finally around the corner! Many supporters have been asking about the Whitelisting and KYC process, and this article will serve as a guide on how to be a part of our token sale.

GStar.AI will be holding an Airdrop for supporters who register with us at , with each supporter who successfully completes the KYC process with us receiving 100 free GSTAR tokens. This KYC Airdrop starts now, and is only limited to the first 10,000 registrants, so do not miss this wonderful opportunity to get your GSTAR tokens! To find out how to get our free tokens, do follow the steps below.

Important Details

· Whitelisting is open to all except those in excluded jurisdictions (China, South Korea, USA).

· We recommend for you to access using Chrome on a desktop web browser instead of using mobile devices.

· Do upload high quality scans of the required documents and photo, or it may get rejected and delay the KYC process. For a guide on how to take a proper identification selfie, do read below for further instructions.

Steps to get Whitelisted

  1. Register on
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- Click on the “Register” button

2. Visit the KYC/Whitelist Page

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Once you have successfully registered with, login via your account and you will be brought to the homepage. Click on the tab that says “KYC/Whitelist” on the left side of the page and scroll down. You should see the details that appears in the screenshot above. Kindly fill in the requested information.

3. Scan of ID Document / Passport

Provide a high-quality scan of the front and back side of your government-issued ID Document / Passport. Please save the image file as .jpg .jpeg or .png, with a file size of 1MB or less. Do ensure that your ID Document / Passport is still valid. Ensure that the scan, and details are not obscured by your hand / fingers. Once the scan is complete, upload the file to “Scan of ID Document/Passport”. We will need your identification selfie to match that of the details provided on this document, and if there are any uncertainties, we will request for further information.

4. Taking your Identification Selfies

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When taking your Identification Selfie, ensure that you are in a well-lit place, and that your entire face is within the frame. You will be required to hold up your identification document, together with a piece of paper that states “For GStar.AI”, and today’s date. Once again, do ensure that “For GStar.AI” and the date can be clearly seen, and that your hand/fingers are not obscuring the details. Please save the image file as .jpg .jpeg or .png, with a file size of 1MB or less.

Once you have taken the selfie, upload the file under “Selfie Photo”.

5. Click the Submit button

Once submitted, our compliance team will review the submitted information. A confirmation email will be sent once it has passed our KYC process, and the 100 GSTAR tokens will be credited under “GSTAR Tokens — Airdropped” on our platform.

If you have any further questions, do email us at, or contact us via our Telegram channel at Thank you for your support of GStar.AI!

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