A Tall Tale of Jalyn’s Cowardice

Jalyn’s greatest mistake was calling Garrett a chump.

“Do we need to take this outside, Jalyn?”

Jalyn stood up from his chair, straightened his back, and then knelt and cowered in fear. He knew, Garrett would show him no mercy.

“I’m sorry Garrett. Can we still be friends?” he said as he lifted his head slightly.

“Perhaps, Jalyn,” Garrett said. “But time in the only thing that heals these types of wounds, and rebuilds the bridges you so cavalierly burned.”

As the bell rang, the two walked out of class together, mending what Jalyn had so carelessly and needlessly injured. But, then, the fire alarm began to ring. Jalyn immediately darted towards the staircase, but in his confusion he darted up the stairs instead of down them. Garrett, reluctant but resolute, knew he had to follow and make sure Jalyn got out of the building.

He found Jalyn outside room 338, curled in a ball and wailing. Jalyn took Garrett’s hand and the two raced down the stairs.

“Come on Jalyn,” Garrett said swiftly. “We have to get to safety.”

“Oh come on Gary-B” Jalyn heaved. “It’s a false alarm, right? There no way it’s a real…”

The duo turned the corner on the first floor and found the usually stark white hallway to the commons engulfed in tendrils of orange and yellow.

“…fire,” Jalyn finished his thought, still catching his breath. “Come on, we’ll go out the other door.”

Garrett remained stagnant, listening to the fire.

“Jalyn wait.”

Jalyn turned around and put his hand on Garrett’s shoulder.

“Do you hear that?” Garrett exclaimed. “The preschoolers are screaming! The fire’s trapped them in their room!”

Without hesitation, Garrett covered his mouth with his hand and raced into the blaze. He would be damned if he let those preschoolers get horrifically burned alive.