Velper, a technological and simple way to solve your problems.

Our guide to understanding and its upcoming ICO

There’s a lot of hype going around about cryptocurrencies and ICOs as they continue to grow exponentially every day. Even experts couldn’t predict their present developments. Today, there are thousands of projects, but now I’m going to tell you about a really interesting one. is an innovative global UBER mode P2P Blockchain operating system designed to allow people to receive instant video consultation on any issues online. The developers of claim that it will have many benefits for anyone who used to solve problems quickly.

You just need to have a smartphone with an internet connection to join the global velper system and get a video consultation from a specialist on any issue, or vice versa; to become an assistantand earn money at any convenient time, regardless of the time of day and actual location.

Developed from Gstudio

An application was developed by Gstudio — a professional organization, which has been functioning for more than 7 years, always providing creative approaches to development and design.

Working mechanism: an authorized users enter a description of their problem in a special field or selects it from the automatically offered tags. Then application finds an appropriate assistant from anywhere in the world who speaks the chosen language and is competent enough in the chosen field, to give professional advice.

Automatic selection of the assistant is carried out thanks to our patented technology. At first, the candidate goes through secure online testing (in each category, there are a number of control questions). If the test was passed successfully, an employee of the company communicates with the applicant to assess his sociability and politeness. The candidate becomes an assistant and can receive orders only after a double check.

The number of assistants who can work in the application is unlimited, but each of them should undergo a rigorous selection process. The project also has a social mission, since it allows disabled people to work and earn, but still remain high-class specialists.

The choice of a particular assistant is based only on his or her professional experience, their number of successful consultations, as well as their personal rating. Consultations are paid per minute and the price isn’t that high, because VELPER allows you to solve your problem in a few minutes without calling a specialist to your home which is much more expensive and takes a lot
of time.

Payments inside the system are made exclusively via VLP tokens. The application enables users to buy these tokens in two clicks for several types of cryptocurrency, fiat money, e-money or through credit card payments.

A smart contract charges a fixed per-minute fee for the provided online-consultation from the user’s account and pays compensation to the assistant in accordance to the current tariff plan, including the company’s commission.
Users can purchase additional options for VLP tokens, use cash-back, and award the performer, within the system. Tokens can also be used in referral and bounty programs. Additionally, VLP tokens are used by corporate clients and advertisers.

The Advantages of using Blockchain technology

This technology allows us to make the platform transparent, open, and safe for all parties, in addition to resolving the issue of arbitration if the service, according to the customer’s opinion, wasn’t provided correctly.

Any client can receive a refund for a poorly provided service upon the decision of the arbitration court, within 3 days. This condition is included in each smart contract, and the money will be returned in cryptocurrency at the current exchange rate (via cryptocurrency exchange platforms).

So, at the end of this article we want to say, that the mission of this project is to make our lives more efficient. Probably, VELPER is able not only to define the future of big data and Internet of things, but also become a new generation of UBER.

If you want to be among the first users of our global system, click here