Life Isn’t a Goddamn TED Talk
Anna Kawar

My personal approach: defining yourself is more productive than finding yourself. If you want to be a morning person, wake up early on a Monday, see how it feels. Do it once. If you‘re a lit major and want to learn how to build an app, try a free course. Just one.

I think we get overwhelmed by comparing ourselves to others. You don’t have to wake up early everyday for a month straight to start on the path. You don’t need to climb Kilimanjaro to be a hiker. Or to be on the morning person or hiking spectrum. Right now, I’m probably a semi-morning person, somedays I like to, other days I don’t. I think I’ll try to wake up early the next few days, see if I like it, and push my definition further that way.

Life just feels more empowering this way…