Working with people from different nationalities is usually seen as a great opportunity to brainstorm ideas in a team through one common language. Using more than one language at work also means a diversity of culture and therefore a chance of seeing projects from very different perspectives and opinions.
Is it…

The topic of climate protection is keeping more and more people busy. Possible measures to reduce CO2 emissions are being controversially discussed worldwide. In families, circles of friends and at the regulars’ table there are fierce disputes about which means of transport may be used, what one may still eat…

People are intrinsically social. We share photos of our food with our friends, funny cat videos in the office or your phone charger when someone’s battery is low. Sharing is caring, and sharing is easy.
But that wasn’t the case just a few years ago…

Starting a few years back

Being an entrepreneur implies that you are be able to make decisions, some of which come with legal and financial consequences.

Every decision, independent of its importance, will influence further actions and potentially the business as well as business relationships. The way of coming to a decision, i.e., the decision process itself, and the virtues and morals that influence the decision could not be further apart.
What does that mean though?

For a long time Instagram was a vessel to show off how amazing your life is. While you’re laying on the beach sipping on your coconut, with your perfect body, hair and tan, someone took a photo of you from the perfect angle.
This happened so spontaneously, that you smiled shyly…

KoRo Handels GmbH

We are an e-Commerce Food Start Up from Berlin, sharing our insights when it comes to the daily struggles of a young and growing Company.

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