Rodin is emotional and Puvis is pissed

I got an eyeful of Rodin sculpture at a recent visit to the Peabody Essex Museum.

I realized pretty quickly that he couldn’t just do a guy standing there. All the figures are stretching and posing wildly. And they are all naked. Some of them have dramatic shadows.

And then there is Puvis — who is pissed. He’s like “what the hell Rodin! I’m a humble, art loving, mural making guy, why you have to make me so arrogant looking!?” And Rodin felt really bad about it.

And then there is more emotion. Sooooooo much emotion. Everywhere.

So much twisting and turning and looking. I just want to see someone sleeping, unaware of the world of feelings!

phew, how about some Canadians who will pose as the Burghers of Calais??? yeah, these non-actors got paid to pose all day. videos about their lives and them getting ready to pose were playing in a dark room on giant vertical TVs. It was cool.

The sculptures are so over the top, and so physical, it is hard not to imitate it. I couldn’t believe that everyone there wasn’t posing and twisting and taking their clothes off as they walked through it.

There were dancers interspersed in the exhibit, but they weren’t around when I visited.