How to add G Suite Exchange account to your iOS device

Google is a technology major in today’s time. It has introduces lots of internet based services for its customers time to time. You can use your kind of service according to your need from a variety available. Now, if you are running a business or working for a company then G Suite is your best partner. It is a kind of service that offers you a collection of all Google products. You will see your Gmail, Hangouts and Google+ with Drive, Docs and Sheets etc. G Suite technical support has provided you the steps that you can follow while adding an Exchange account to your device.

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to achieve your target:

1. In your phone, go to the settings and there select the mails option.
2. In the mails category, click the accounts column and in that press add account.
3. To add and exchange account, tap the Exchange button.
4. Now, provide your G Suite email address and press next to move forward.
5. In the servers column, enter as your server.
6. There you will see your username and against to that, enter your mailing address.
7. Provide your other credentials such as your password in the next column and move next.
8. If you have enabled two-step verification then instead of using a regular password, use your apps password.
9. If you are prompted to see device policy security profile then complete those steps as well.
10. Next, you will be allowed to choose your Google services which you want to sync with your account. Choose your desired services such as mail, contacts, calendar etc and then press next.
11. If your administrator has enabled an approval system then you have to wait until he approves these requests. You will receive a mail of confirmation and after that, you are done.

This is how you can add an exchange account to your iOS device. Though the steps were quite easy to understand and follow but there can be some complications and in those complicated cases, contact G Suite technical support +61–283206037 from your phone. This number is available 24*7 anywhere in the world. So, don’t waste time and call.


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