“Anatomy of a SIM SWAP!”

Over the last 20 years you have heard of the term, “identity theft”, however, with the advent of smart phones, a new term has come out of the hacking community, a term most are not familiar with, “SIM swapping”! Now to understand how this works we need to start with another term called “social engineering”. This is at the crux of how to execute, a “SIM swap”.

“Social engineering” is where the attack begins, not with some fancy piece of hardware or some expensive software; a few bits of information that is all it takes. The adept “social engineer” starts by selecting a target either for their data or their money. After the criminal picks their mark, they then start to learn information about the target to help garner more data, to help facilitate with the SWAP. There are several pieces of data that are essential for this to happen; the last 4 digits of the targets SS number, IMEI number, and the SIM card number. The second 2 bits of info become irrelevant, if, the swapper can get a new SIM card from their provider; which many dealers will do if you if you have an account. After the new SIM card is obtained it is only a few phone calls until they find a weak or newer customer service rep to ask to swap the SIM after they state that they “forgot their password” the CSR will ask for the last 4 of the social once this option is offered the SWAP is initiated, and the hack is complete. Now the “social engineer” has access to your device they can reset all your passwords and pins! They can look at call logs, texts, GPS, and compromise everything you have ever worked for in the blink of an eye. Michael Terpin, just a few years ago lost 24 million dollars in a moments notice! SIM swappers also sell your data online and now that we are all starting to work from home; this gives the hackers even more targets and more time.

This is where we come in; Efani, protects this data from SIM jackers, with 11 layers of client side integrity, privacy, and authentication; it is also backed by a 5 million dollar insurance plan, to cover you when you need it most! With SIM swaps becoming more prevalent everyday, a secure private network is needed; welcome to the future, come to Efani.



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