Photo by Kay Liedl

1) Just Keep Pedaling

It seems basic, but when most people start riding, they’ll pump as hard as possible for 10 seconds, then sit on their saddle for 10. The key is to find a gear setting where you never have to STOP.

LIFE: This is where balance comes in. If you want to achieve your goals in life, all while enjoying the ride along the way, you have to foster a daily routine that won’t let you burn out. If you live life between sprints, you won’t only hamper your success, you’ll also be miserable along the way. Find a routine that allows you to ALWAYS KEEP PEDALING.

2) Look 20 Feet Ahead…Not 3 Feet

Want to get 20% faster on a bike with just a new frame of mind? Start looking 20 feet in front of you instead of 3. When you look 20 feet ahead instead of 3, you stop analyzing every little rock and root that’s right in front of you. In fact, your primal, instinctive mind will take over and conquer those little obstacles without you even realizing it.

LIFE: When you stretch your outlook on life from the immediate present, to years in the future, you’ll change the way you conquer tasks and problems. You’ll stop looking at each immediate difficulty in life as a roadblock, and you’ll start rolling right over these issues with ease.

3) Momentum Wins

When you see a hill in the distance, the time to start pedaling is NOW. There’s nothing harder than climbing a hill from a dead start. When you anticipate the climb, and pedal accordingly, you’ll barrel through and crush that hill.

LIFE: Life throws curve balls on a daily basis. You can’t start grappling with problems just when their effects set in. Anticipating the issues, being prepared, and being able to hit the ground running will help you barrel through life’s issues as if they weren’t an issue at all.

4) Ride With a Buddy

If you’re not riding with a buddy, who’s going to pick up your bone shrapnel after a bad crash? Not to mention, who are you going to brag about your 2 inches of “MAD” air with?

LIFE: Sharing the failures and successes of life with friends and family helps pick yourself up in the bad times, and bring yourself back down to earth in the good times. Find someone to partner with that knows your limits and quirks who can push you to be your best, all while supporting you when you miss the mark.

5) Hills Don’t Last Forever

Some hills feel like they’ll never end. Remember your last climb through a dense patch of trees? It’s impossible to see the end of the hill, but it has to end eventually right? I haven’t discovered a hill without an end yet. The key… just keep pedaling.

LIFE: Some chapters or weeks in life seem never ending. Whether it’s tax season, or a final test, there’s always an end, and on the other side is a sweet, juicy downhill section that will make up for it.