Pan Shoot from Residential Area to City

The filmmaker Jim Jarmusch created the film ‘Down by Law’ (1986) by using the pan shoot technique. This technique is used to represent the daily life by camera moving on open sequence. In my opinion, this technique shows the relationship between buildings and human directly.

In the film, audience can see the people walked on the street or chatted with other people. The shot didin’t describe what were these people doing or talking about but let us skim the scene of their life.

In my work, I tried to use the same technique to show the different life styles in residential area and city in Sydney. The street in residential area is peaceful but the avenue near Central is busy. By using pan shot from residential area to city, we can feel the change of people’s lifestyle. The pan shoot made this contrast more obvious but a little bit gentle at the same time.

Reference:Jarmusch, Jim Down by Law (1986) Opening sequence: pan shoot of the elevation of a New Orleans

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