Facebook, Whatsapp, & Privacy Invasion

Facebook will use Whatsapp users’ personal data to target ads! This is the title of what Peter Sayer wrote today.

This is a clear privacy breach for users, but the companies will tell you, “Hey you approved the privacy policy when you signed up!” as if they don’t know that you have never read it and never will.

Anyway, if you wish to still at least a decent control over your privacy, and don’t want Facebook to explore your Whatsapp contacts, you can still remove your registered phone number from facebook. As per the article

The key change is that WhatsApp will be sharing its lists of users’ phone numbers with Facebook, allowing the company to match up WhatsApp accounts with Facebook ones where users have registered a phone number.

So what we know, is that, for now, the match is going to be the phone number, therefore if you remove yours from Facebook you’re probably safe.

But still, I wonder, how will they treat the phone numbers that are not registered on facebook? I don’t think Facebook will let them go that easy. The coming days will let us know. Until then, keep you data safe.

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