1. Moving on

I wan born in Chicago and raised in Mount Prospect. I was born on June 10th and I am 16 years old. I went to St. Raymonds for 12 years before coming to prospect freshmen year. As a Junior at Prospect I have learned to move on and that throughout life things happen that you don’t expect or don’t like but that you need to accept it as part of life. I did gymnastics for 9 years before realizing that it just wasn’t for me and now I am apart of the Cross Country and Track & Field team. I love traveling, and have family throughout the United States and in Panama too. I work hard in my classes and hope that someday all my hard work and kindness will pay off.

2. For my song I chose riptide by Vance Joy because whenever I hear this song it brings a smile to my face. I first heard this song at camp and it is something I will never forget, this song always seems to come up when I’m hanging out with friends from camp and even from school and cross country. Every summer for the past 6 years I have gone to Camp Tuck in Wisconsin, for four years I was a camper and I am continuing to go as a counselor. For one week over the summer I get to have fun, be with my friends, and make memories that last forever.

3. On Thursday night at 9:00 I was at work, I work at Capnnari’s Icecream and since I was at work I was unable to take a picture.

This is a picture of my desk where I do my homework which is what I would have been doing if I wasn’t at work.

4. I admire my family: I admire my parents because they are both hardworking but always have time for my siblings and I. I admire my brother because he is always honest but isn’t judgmental towards others. And the third person I admire is my sister because she is always there for me and can be there to talk to all the time.

Left to Right: my Mom, me, my Dad, my sister (Kendall), my brother (Mitchell)

5. My goal in life is to make a difference in other people’s lives and in the world.

This picture is from a mission trip I went to over the summer. I got to help many people who are less fortunate than me and you in effort to make my mark in their lives.

6. (First picture:



The first thing I thought of as life in America is New York. Last summer I went to New York and the one thing that stayed with me was all the hard workers on the streets that have immigrated here for a better life.

The second thing I thought of was business men and women because majority of the people in America work. As Americans we work a lot, trying to live a fulfilling life while raising families, paying off debts, etc..

The third thing I thought of was the 50 states because even though each state is different we are all together as one country living in freedom.

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