River Run London

GTB London joined the charity run ‘Run the River 2016’ and raised money for TeachFirst, a UK-based charity
The GTB Lodnon ‘Run the River 2016’ runners

Although the London summer did its best to be as humid as possible, the GTB runners showed up in great numbers to join ‘Run the River 2016’. Runners could choose between 5km and 10km and battle it out for first place.

Preparations started from mid-day with Sophie and Zoe eating bananas and nuts, with Dan stretching his long legs and with Niall taking ‘legal’ supplements to boost his run. And our resident German running queen was so uncharacteristically disorganised that she forgot her trainers so had an extra sprint start to get them. We also welcomed a few agency friends and of course our newcomer Chelsey Devine!

Through the scenic London river course, the GTB crew ran like the wind and managed to get some pretty impressive times. Well done everyone!