Human beings always seek a side of comfort, self-regulating; both psychologically and biologically while always aspiring moving up for further (almost insatiable) growth. A very normal reaction, engrained in our psychy, and explained with the Maslow’s heirarchy of needs.

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There are times when the multiple stages of the seeming structured pyramid come into conflict with themselves, it is as a time of crisis. Only in times of peace do they tend to complement each other.

New risks are emerging that need mitigation in a current crisis and a post-corona world. The economy slammed its brakes, its impact will be felt in short term. It would slowly regain upwards momentum with time but for now, the employment will take a hit as businesses shutdowns, economy slumps and in some cases just because of no virtual frameworks to operate in. Hiring has ceased as people are already being laid off for these reasons. The non-digital works will suffer the most which have to be either digitalized or just wait till it all gets over and re-structured. The new talent coming in the economy will have to compete with already saturated labour market. Desperate selection of work would happen as people, in a rush, will take up any job that is offered. This in-turn will cause dissatisfaction in a long run resulting in churn and temporary re-alignment of the market. …

We are working with solutions on Digitization (of talent data), digitalization (of talent processes) and Digital Transformation (of Organizational processes)

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In today’s crisis, complete and rapid Digital Transformation is a necessary disruption imposed on an organization not by choice but purely by chance. Saving careers for the graduates who come out to market at such a time of uncertainties, economic downturn and expected block on hiring with a move towards remote working. The impact on the economy will be multi-faceted, with a recession on the cards it will also through the employment numbers off balance. …

Never before have education providers around the world are forced with the exact same challenge at the exact same time. The challenge to modernize, reform, and rethink the nature of the educational experience for students while fighting a global pandemic. How can we transform our ecosystem to make it more relevant for learners and better aligned to industry and community needs, all while fighting an urgent crisis. Enabling Digital Transformation of Universities is not a futuristic innovation anymore it is the need of the hour.

As a student focused start-up, GetBoarded is helping Universities respond to this crisis with a rapid Digital Transformation strategy using talent profiling (Digitization) and analytics (Digitalization).

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