An exciting day for a GTDer like me!

This morning as I was scanning my RSS feeds I saw this post on Sven Fechner’s great SimplicityBliss blog.

David Allen has updated “Getting Things Done”!

This for me is quite exciting. I have read all of David’s books, attending many of David’s seminars, and was even a member of David’s GTD Connect group, their our members-only online educational community, for a couple of years.

Getting Things Done is my productivity bible. I can see areas in which the original 2002 edition might be updated. This edition was written before smart phones became ubiquitous, before we always had a phone and Internet access with us 24 hours per day. I wonder if this is an area addressed by the new edition?

Of course I ran right to the nearest brick-and-mortar store (a Barnes and Noble), and asked for the book. Though officially released today, they said that I was the second person to ask for it in the last hour. And luckily they found me a copy.

I will be share to find what I find in the new edition.

Originally published at on March 17, 2015.