In Asometiti's culture, everything that is beautiful is talked about.

Amanda walked up to her brother with a grumpy look, the air that ceased the atmosphere overhauled her well combed hair validating the intensity of her melancholic look. Broset, who had no intention of giving her more than 2 mins of his time sluggishly paused his video game with the intention of looking away almost immediately, but it was like a spell cast on him as he had his eyes glued to his sister for over 3minutes, Amanda couldn’t interpret the look as she was already distracted from the main issue that brought her to that spot. “Broset, what’s the problem, is something wrong? why the long stir?” she asked almost immediately, but instead of an answer, Amanda was made to experience the impact of the societies’ neglect on our ‘HIMs’
Indeed, Asoemtiti’s culture is one that glorified a particular gender over the other in years past, this caused lot of sins that needed huge reparations, therefore it was not totally abnormal when the female folks stood up in Broset’s decade to fight for their rights and seek reparation. This fight made Asoemtiti’s people have much sympathy for the female folks, and then all of a sudden understood how beautiful they were, and that they deserved to be talked about as well as protected.

Gradually, the focus in several sectors shifted to favoring the female folks, this brought a huge level of economic democratization obviously, but some things were at stake.
Each time a lady passed the lonely parts, terrible stories were heard, these were tales that made the past unbearable for the female folk. In their fight for change, some things that never existed in the limelight died inwardly, Our young boys who were born in that era were being used to pay for the sins of Asoemtiti. Broset was one of them.

Broset had one huge responsibility of protecting his younger sister being the first son and direct immediate elder to Amanda, his mum intensified this responsibility when her Brother-in-law came around to stay for few months, Broset fulfilled his responsibility but something was at stake.
Each night uncle Ambrose called in Broset to his room irrespective of the bad timing, everyone but Broset felt comfortable. Broset was first of all fed with the ideology that he is a man and was supposed to have his way whatsoever the case be, in a bid to explain these statement to Broset, he showed him what it meant to be ‘on top of the game’ sexually with women, this time, Broset was the woman. Broset - 7years- at that time felt uncomfortable with this, but uncle Ambrose always made him understand that no one will ever teach him that again, and that he was going to be seen as a coward if he dared reporting.
Uncle Ambrose wasn’t wrong with his words, because the first time Broset stylishly tried opening up to mumsy, at the mention of Uncle Ambrose, mum yelled;

‘Hope he is not playing with my daughter, I’ll kill him if he tries it, and remember you are to be a man here, take care of your sister (she said all these in what she considered to be a joke)'.

Broset had to swallow the pain and 'become a man'. Everything happened so fast, uncle Ambrose left after fulfilling his course, and next we had Aunt Agnes visiting. Aunt Agnes was the platform Broset never needed but had to experiment all he had been taught. funnily, Aunty Agnes was the type who lured Broset with lots of snacks, after which she had her way with him, deep down within him he was hurting, he silently started hating the female folks and promised to show the world that he is a man whenever he had the opportunity to do so.
When Amanda walked in to his brother on his video game, the first thing that ran through his mind was hateful thoughts as Amanda was putting on one of the dresses anty Agnes left with her before she left, that was exactly the same dress she wore the last night she had his way into him, it was already two years past and down the line, anyone would have thought Broset would have grown past those hurt, society. it left a scare. Broset ran to his sister, covered her mouth and drew her to his room, The struggle between the two youths drew the attention of mumsy, immediately, Broset stood up and fled, he left the house for a long time with a large guilt of 'attempted rape' - incest for that matter. All I have now is his Diary, after reading these diaries in my hand, I can obviously tell these stories like Broset would.

I am the lady with the Diary, I’m the lady who might want to relate to the fears of those ones we call ‘Strong’.

when I read that 6 out of 10 ladies in the world have been abused at an early age, I was expecting to hear more lamentations surrounding these figures, but no! the next thing I read was that 4 out of 10 boys have been abused sexually also at an early age, and now I ask, ‘WHY DOES THIS FIGURE NOT MAKE SENSE TO US?’ why are we just interested in a one-sided temporary freedom , yes, it's temporary because the effect of this one-sided focus causes a backlash to the female gender we try to protect.
From my little survey, anyone (regardless of gender) who has experienced sexual abuse have scars that could mean unforgiveness, fear, Anger, REVENGE etc., These are scars that we all want to fight to their core, but we leave some of the root cause unhandled. This article does not preach that neglect for the male folks at an early age is the EXCLUSIVE cause of sexual abuse, but it is a big spice to this deadly meal. Imagine we focus on the male folks like we focus on the female folks, truth is that this will expose us to lots of opportunity to infuse sane ideologies to our boys.

Excuse me world, be it known unto you that EVERY CHILD AROUND YOU IS VERY VULNERABLE TO SEXUAL ABUSE, this most times form the premise on which some late harmful behavior is formed. Let us not be so focused on reparation of the effect caused in the past that we overlook the odds these reparation causes. We’ve had lot of days celebrating the female folks, we’ve had lots of enlightenment program for ladies, of course they are special persons, but imagine the trauma those guys who were abused as boys face each time we forget to celebrate ‘the world boy child’s day’ slated to be 16th May, but no one ever forgets the ‘World girl child’s day’.

Please dear readers, this is a call to everyone out there, lets join hand and create an equally sane society. For every Male child who is left neglected at an early age, you cause a back clash to a larger number of folks out there in the society.




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