GTGTC x Burlingame High: Hour of Code

On November 20th, 2015, Burlingame High School had its first ever Hour of Code event where girls were exposed to computer programming; most for the first time. At the event, girls learned about Computer Science, how it works, and its limitless possibilities. Girls had the option to pseudocode or to code in javascript. Since most were new to computer science, pseudocode (which is coding with all the concepts but without the syntax) was the more popular option.

GTGTC Hour of Code at Burlingame provided students with different sources to code anything from a multiplayer game to an appealing visual. Students interacted at the event and got to ask each other questions and work through the code whenever there was a bug in the code. They coded and laughed over snacks (sponsored by Stanford) and had the opportunity to code with Princess Anna and Elsa from Disney’s Frozen. After Hour of Code, Junior Katherine Brogan expressed that “[her] prior exposure to computer science wasn’t very positive, but Girls Teaching Girls to Code changed that opinion.”

— Maggie Chang, GTGTC High School Liaison

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The GTGTC High School Liaisons have been planning and running Hour of Code events at their high schools to introduce more girls to coding.

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