This is What Happens When Kylie Jenner Retweets You

Have you ever switched off on a Friday afternoon, opened a beer, found something interesting on the internet and fired off a random TIL tweet? Well that’s exactly what I did yesterday, little did I know what was in store.

I was looking over Shopify vistor stats, which are likely boring to most people, but found something interesting. Kylie Jenner’s store is by far the most visited store on Shopify. It’s a monster. itself gets 52 million visits per month, and Jenner’s gets 5.7 million visits per month (which is 64% more than the #2 Shopify store).

I had had a conversation recently about how Jenner and her family still don’t seem to be taken seriously as entrepreneurs, when in fact they’ve built an incredibly successful business empire. Maybe it’s because they don’t fit the mould of how we think entreprenours should build businesses. Or maybe, because we can’t see ourselves being able to follow their path to success, we just aren’t as interested in knowing how they succeed. Personally, I’d love to hear Kylie Jenner on Tim Ferriss Podcast, I think it would be fascintaing.

Anyway, back to yesterday’s tweet. One beer down, after seeing just how huge Jenner’s store was, I banged out a this tweet:

There immediate issues you may see with this.

  1. I misspelled respect
  2. I misspelling underrated
  3. My fact is wrong. She has 10% of the traffic of, not of the whole of Shopify. But hey, 140 characters, you gotta summarise, right? And really, I’ve only got 397 followers, so who cares.

But seconds later I did wish I’d checked it over just once. Because Kylie Jenner tweeted it to her 17,300,000 followers. #awks #lols

So what happens next will shock you, right? Understandably my feed blew up. Not to brag, but normally get around 400 impressions on a tweet…not exactly key influencer stuff.

Here’s what happened to my Jenner/Shopify tweet:

12,300% more engagement than my other tweets

I had 49k impressions, and a whole bunch of other big numbers. But the funniest thing is how many followers I earned from it: 1.

The great thing about Jenner’s audience is not one person pulled me up on my spelling, or my inaccurate extrapolation of site visitor numbers. I immediately expected a barrage of nitpicking, and all I got was a lot of positivity (you can check the responses). #muchrepect

A day later, and my follower count has risen from 397 up to the lofty heights of 405, which is a suprisingly meaeger jump considering the tweet was seen by 49,000 people. But really, twitter followers isn’t the point. The point is check your spelling, because one day a Jenner or Kardashian may retweet you when you least expect it.

Next up: tweeting Kanye.