It’s funny how so many people say that the reason that they are voting for Donald Trump is because they are tired of the government meddling in the affairs of big business. They are tired of the corruption, with government officials creating laws that benefit the 1% and so on. Well let’s talk about what happens when we want the government to stay out of big business. Because big corporations are so good at having lobbyists protect their interests, regulations on the food industry are a disaster. Corporations are given the okay to put so much junk in our food, which is literally killing us. Corporations brag about how they start addicting children to sugar and sweeteners from infancy. They talk about this being so good for business because by the time our children are teens they will continue to buy unhealthy junk food, killing off any possibility of living a healthy life.

Insurance companies are supporting this, for it allows them to adjust their rates higher for clients with a higher risk. Look at the crash of the stock market. There was a drop of 40% during Bush, who favored deregulation. This deregulation allowed banks, investment companies and insurance companies to do whatever they wanted in order to make money at the expense working Americans’ savings and retirement funds. They invested our money in garbage TRUMPED UP stocks. Real-estate properties just kept rising way beyond their real value. Trump brags about those good old days of making off like a bandit while people’s lives were being destroyed. Someone needs to stand watch. Until we can create an independent agency to protect the interests of the people we must vote into office those who are capable of doing this within the structures that exist in our government.

We need to wake up!

Donald Trump is the result of this screwed-up thinking, which caused the current economy that’s still in recovery from one of the worst recessions in American history. Yet, his campaign is fueled on fear and anger, as though he is an outsider to the problem. Here is a man that’s running for the highest office in the country and people will still vote for him no matter what he says or does. This shouldn’t be about voting Republican or Democrat. Voting for Trump will only benefit Trump. Voting for anyone other than Hillary is a vote for Trump. Donald Trump has no interest in helping you or improving the quality of America for others. This is just a reality TV game show and the debates are starting to look like a remake of a Jerry Springer show. Jerry Springer even said so. His ego is being allowed to run wild. He’s a hate mogul craving attention, voicing his bigotry and disrespect for women. Both Republicans and Democrats who vote for Trump are willing to watch our country turn to ashes just to be right about something. This is stupid and irresponsible and I feel sorry for our future if we stand silent and watch this mistake happen. We must become active to make sure that Hillary Clinton becomes the next president. Is she our dream candidate? Of course not, but she is the right choice NOW. If you are a Bernie fan and you are still in mourning and upset that he lost to Hillary, YOU NEED to get over it and FAST. Vote for Hillary Clinton and start searching for her replacement during her term. Pass this on if it just makes sense. We need to come together and stand for America to be better than this.

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