Identity resurrected
Santhosh Thottingal

Nice post. Thanks for sharing your experience. Am wondering if you can give me some guidance for my situation. I’m what they’d call an “early adopter” of Aadhaar Card — I got mine in 2012. At the time of enrollment, I don’t recall whether they asked me for my mobile phone number or not. Anyway, I recently found out from UIDAI website that no mobile number is linked to my Aadhaar #. I learned that I had to visit a physical enrollment center to get this done. I went to a center listed on UIDAI website. They did whatever they had to do* and gave me a receipt with a certain URN (Update Request Number) printed on it. Several days later, nothing happened. I went to Update Status section of UIDAI website, entered my URN, got a response that my URN was not valid. Since my URN was printed on a UIDAI paper, I didn’t even know what the heck this error message meant. I sent an email to the UIDAI help desk email address. A few days and many reminders later, I got a reply asking me to submit my Enrollment # along with date and timestamp. I did that. A few more days and many more reminders later, I got an email saying my request for updation was rejected. “Reason: Apply again”. I replied back asking what was the problem with my previous application, which other enrollment center I should visit, etc., but I haven’t got any response. I even tweeted to UIDAI and there’s no response to that either. I reached my wits end and decided to give up on this update request for now because I don’t have a pressing need for it as of now. But I’m sure that, sooner or later, a pressing need may suddenly develop. Therefore, I thought of leaving this comment with a request for your guidance as soon as I read this post. Thanks in advance.

*: The enrollment center didn’t take my fingerprint. Instead they used the iris scanner. During the update request process, I didn’t get any OTP on my mobile phone. Just thought of mentioning this in case it gives you a hint as to what might have gone wrong.

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