What are the striking features and characteristics of LiftMaster Slide Gate Opener?

An automatic slide gate opener will ensure a safer, convenient, and more secured home environment. The automatic slide gate opener improves the privacy and protects the business from unwanted intrusion. This type of access control systems increases the value of the property and prevents all type of unwanted trespassers from entering the property. The selection of sliding gate operator is dependent on the size and weight of the existing gate. There are different kinds of gates like sliding, swing, cantilever, and boom. It depends on the property where it is installed and they can either be manual or automated.

Here are the benefits of automatic LiftMaster Slide Gate Opener –

It is convenient — This type of automated gates allow the easy entry to properties without getting out of the car and thus is more helpful in rainy season or late night entry.

It is more secure — They come with automated locks integrated with safety beams. It boosts the security and lowers the risk of getting mugged or having the car stolen.

It takes less space — It doesn’t take up the large area while opening or closing. The landscaping areas are not affected since they slide instead of swing inside or outside.

It is durable- With the help of precision technology these gates are designed and manufactured. They are built with durability in mind and it also withstands any type of weather conditions.

Here is the list of features with the LiftMaster Slide Gate Opener –

LED Diagnostic Display — It simplifies the installation process.

Dual Voltage Connection — It enables the installer to select the required voltage for an increase of flexibility.

Programmable Auxiliary Relays — Helps the easy addition of features like warming lights or alarms.

Pre-Motion Warning Alarm — Prior to the gate motion it activates the onboard alarm.

Mechanical Braking System — At all points in the travel, it is adding substantial gate positioning control.

Maximum Run Timer — Its limits the unit’s runtime, protecting against any damage to the gate.

External Alarm Reset Button — It enables quick reset of the gate operator.

Adjustable Friction Clutch — It protects the gate from any damage when the door meets an obstruction.

Anti-Tailgate — It is preventing all type of unwanted access.

Security Close — After a vehicle pulls off the interrupt loop, then the gate closes immediately.

Homelink Compatible — Version 4 and higher is used.

Security+ 2.0 On-Board Radio Receiver — It has up to 50 remote controls.

The construction specification of Liftmaster SL585501U –

· It has P3 Motor for high starting torque.

· The operator duty rating is 20 cycles per hour.

· It has heavy-duty steel chassis and powdercoated steel cover for extreme harsh conditions.

· It has meta frame of 7-gauge pre-galvanized steel.

· The operator weight is 240 lbs with nickel-plated chain.

· The slide gate opener has weather-resistant, lockable, 16-gauge steel.

Liftmaster SL585501U is the slide gate opener with all the variety of access control methods for opening and closing of the gate. It includes remote control access, keypad access, access with a mobile phone, and photo electric beam (PE). They offer a variety of safety measures to manage the security and safety of the property. Installing a sliding gate operator will offer various benefits which include convenient entry and exit. The sliding gate operators are available for residential properties to industrial extreme heavy duty for factory and site entrances.

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