The IPhone 5s

What do you when you are bored? When you got nothing to do? When classes are done? When you just went to the gym? This is a problem that a lot of people face throughout their lives: boredom. It’s been like this for me, since I’ve gotten injured that is, so the only source of entertainment for me has to be the device that everybody has with them all the time. The electronic device that is called the smartphone and I am an active user.

What Kind of Phone Do I Have?

My phone is an IPhone 5s, made by Apple and I had it for about a year. My old phone (IPhone 4) broke, so my mom got me a new one. It has really cool features like every other smart phone in the world like downloadable apps, games, FaceTime calls, and etc. It’s a phone that pretty much everybody has or something close to it.

What can the IPhone 5s be good for?

The IPhone 5s is a source of entertainment basically. I’m on it daily and the entertainment that it offers me is pleasing. For example, I use my phone to listen to my favorite music all the time and I use it to look at cool videos on YouTube. I love playing fun games with it too, downloading apps from the app store and play it when I am bored. My phone is also a connection for me to the world. Even though I don’t Tweeting out what I am doing every second on Twitter and I don’t post food pictures on Instagram, my phone is a great way for me to see what’s going on around the world that is really important to me. But if you are a person who loves tweeting out important stuff that is on your mind or if you think the meal you order for lunch looks so delicious then yes, smart phones like the IPhone five is a valuable asset to your life. It over you Instagram for those delicious food pictures and if you don’t have twitter fingers then other valuable social platforms are free, such as Facebook. If you are a normal guy like myself, you have to keep up with your favorite sports teams! It’s a quick and easy access to look up how the Seahawks are doing or whatever sport team or athlete you are into. It is also a great source of communication, especially with my friends and family. 
 If you are a big on texting like most people, then IPhone 5s is best fit. Easy to use and operate, the IPhone 5s also give you the option to speak out what you to text into the microphone of the 5s and it would turn it into a voice or text message. Simple too, has its own contacts app, where you can store all of your contacts of your friends and friend’s phones numbers. 
The 5s can be also be use as planner and reminder for daily events. You can use the calendar app on it to set daily reminders of what you have going today or if for any plans that you may have next week or in the distance future. If you have plans with your friends or if you got a big test coming up, the 5s can be very helpful for you to keep you focus on what you got to do on the daily. Not only it can help you being organized it can also be good use to accessing information quickly.
The 5s gives you information around the world at your fingertips! That’s incredibly, if you look at a big perspective. Information about anything, it can span from what happen in the Ancient Egyptian Times to the Medieval Europe and all the way up to the present day. Technology has rapidly advance for the past one hundred years and it has helped us to become more knowledgeable in what must learn in the education field. Apps like google and safari can provide that quick and easy information that you are wandering about. These are just some of many reason that the 5s is a beneficial factor your life, but they are some drawbacks that affect may affect one’s social behavior. It is also a great tool to keep me organized throughout the day and school related. If I had any plans that were coming up throughout the week or the present day I would set a reminder to myself of what it is and the time it will happen. If I was going to hang out with a friend, I would use my phone to remind me when and where we will be hanging out. My phone keeps me organized socially throughout the day and the same thing relating to school. My phone is source of information relating to anything that is school related. For example, when I was wondering what the homework was for specific class, I used my phone to check what was assigned on Canvas for that particular class. And if there was a question that I was confused on a particular homework assignment and I would just google the answer on phone in order to find the answer. These are just some of many reason my phone is beneficial factor in my life, but they are some drawbacks that affect my life also.

What’s bad?

The 5s, like many phones, can be a source of procrastination. We all get distraction with little things and phones are one of the main reasons why we get misled in the wrong direction in what we have to do that is important. Some quick procrastination facts:
• Procrastination statistics suggest that 40% of people have experienced financial loss due to procrastination.
• Nomophobia- fear of being without your smartphone- affects 40% of the population
• 70 percent of women have phone separation anxiety, as opposed to 61 percent of men.
• A 2007 meta-analysis by University of Calgary psychologist Piers Steel, PhD, reports that 80 percent to 95 percent of college students procrastinate, particularly when it comes to doing their coursework.
• According to some researchers, procrastination has more than quadrupled in the last thirty years.
For the fourth and fifth bullet it is obviously to assume that these facts are true because of smart phones just like the IPhone 5s. We can also assume that phones, like the 5s, are basically a distraction, with those ringtones reminding you of the text message that you received from your friend or new snap from another friend was received in your snapchat. Also it can also stir up conflicts between people on social media about a certain subject, it can personal or whatever, and people can use their phones, like the 5s, as a way to express their hate on others (The Western Washington University Racial Incident).

But it’s All Good!

As a college student, my phone can screw me over sometimes by nagging me with all of its goodies and I would get distracted, which would result in me being in a deep hole of homework late at night that I dug up because of procrastination. Heck it distracted me when I was writing this medium review! But having a phone like the 5s has a lot of benefits. The 5s can help you be connected with your loves ones who may be miles away from you. It is also a great source for a person to be entertained with cool videos on YouTube, listening to music, playing dumb/fun games, and the list goes on basically. Overall, the 5s can either have a negative or positive effect on one’s life if they know how to handle the temptation of using the phone all the time and being distracted with it.


Rhetorical Assessment Medium Review:

1. What it meant to me writing on medium it was a way for me to express myself in how I am involved using my phone on a day to day basis. And how the general audience influenced me in writing my piece was by in the editing aspect of creating my medium review. And how the 5s can be good for overall be good for people and the drawback it has also. How to setup my review and make it look more professional. 
2. How I helped the reader understand my place’s purpose and role is by explaining how you can used my place for certain activities throughout the day. You can use the 5s for social activities, for game usages, and etc. The reason why I chose to view my place like this is because most of the time I am on my phone and it can offer a lot of perspectives. 
3. As a student in English 101, how I viewed my phone as tool for me to keep up with my work and to keep me up to date what due next class and what I have to write and to turn in. How it affected me writing my review is by explaining the positives and negatives in how my phone can help me strive as a 101 student and also bring me down.
4. The reasons why I made the design of the review the way it is because so it can be more appealing to my readers and to understand what the overall just of the section they will be reading. I think the meaning of my design of my review has is it’s pretty simple and it’s a way the reader can understand what they are reading.