Philosophical Thought Experiments — Meat-Con

The “Prisoner’s Dilemma” is apparent in a number of different contemporary social problems. It is a situation where two people or players are each given the same two questions. Depending on the scenario, the questions will be different. The outcome is the decision made at the same time between those two people or players. The three contemporary examples that will be told are two athletes competing against each other, two tax collectors wanting more money, and two states in an armed race. To illustrate my point, two competitive athletes both want to win. They are given two specific choices from their coaches: they can take drugs or not. If they were to answer simultaneously, the following four outcomes may happen: athlete one can take drugs and athlete two doesn’t. This conclusion goes vice versa. They can also both not take drugs, or both take drugs. Like the “Prisoner’s Dilemma,” it can be a draw, a lost, or a win. Depending on what they choose, any of the four outcomes can happen. Adding to the issues, consequences will occur. This can be losing to their rival or the for taking drugs because taking drugs is illegal and will take a toll on the players’ bodies. Similarly,there are two tax collectors. Both want to gain more money than the other. Both go up to their mayor at different times and ask him for advice. He gives them both two choices: they can either scam the townspeople or play it fair. Like in the first example, there are two players. Both are tax collectors from a town. Just like in the “Prisoner’s Dilemma,” they can make a choice, but what they choose will have four outcomes depending on what the tax collectors want. This was a problem in the United State’s history where corrupt tax collectors and governors will collect more tax than the usual pay. It’s also going on in our time in California where the tax collectors will at times misuse the money. If one tax collector will choose to cheat to gain more money than the other tax collector, he or she, of course, will win more money but they will gain back distrust or even be sent to jail. This will be no different vice versa or when they both choose to cheat or scam. If choosing not to scam, they will not earn as much money if they did the fraud, but they will for sure keep their jobs and their trust. This will apply to if only one or the other chooses to play if fair. To finish, two states are in an arms race. They can either increase the military weapon system or reduce weapons. If one state were to increase the weapons while the other chooses to cut weapons, the one state will be better than the other. If both decide to raise arms, they both benefit. If both don’t, they will equally benefit but will not have weapons in the future. The war between countries is happening currently due to being in the war of terrorists. The choices will lead to great outcome. This is because if there were one state that chooses to increase their military arms and the other chooses to lay down their weapons, the state increasing weapons will obviously have a significant advantage over the other. The results will be war and much bloodshed, in particular on the weak state. If both countries lay down their arms, not only will they benefit in this outcome, but other countries around them. To conclude, the “Prisoner’s dilemma” is in a lot of our problems in our daily lives. We may be encountering it without realizing it.

John Rawls’ theory of justice is a convincing argument for creating a more just society in America. For starters, there shall be no war or hardship in this world. Instead, if we did face one, like a disease, we will perhaps all work together to fight it. This world may become carefree. This way, people can live in a more satisfied life. Moreover, everyone shares the same wealth and fame. We wouldn’t face the problem of poverty nor will we have war for riches. Everyone can live their own life however they want to because they have the money. With everyone having the same fame, there is no higher up or better than you. Equally, everyone is free and equal and they will live behind a “veil of ignorance.” This all leads to Rawls’ theory of justice. It doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are, you can be yourself. This can lead to choosing your own path without knowing it. If people were to think and try to lead their own life, this can lead to complications or conflict with themselves or others. To wrap everything up, we should create an America that makes everyone happy to live in. It should be an ideal country with no worries and no conflicts or problems.

People have a moral responsibility to help those in need, even if the needy are living in another part of the world. First of all, what they say is a dollar can be hundreds to many in others countries. Children will die all over the world. Saving more will cause less deaths. This will result in a happier world and solve many of our big world problems. It does not take much or cost much at all to pay for vaccines or feed the starving. Spending five dollars or more can save over hundreds of people worldwide. Also, spending 20 dollars can send two children to school for a year. Not only are people helping others, but they are helping the world and themselves. This world is connected in so many ways and is somewhat a small duty for the people to keep this world stable and happy. There is no one else to do this responsibility because only the people with the fortune and luck can make the difference. Furthermore, some can have a strong influence on others and they should. If one can make a difference, then others can as well. It can encourage others to donate because then, we will perhaps save so many more lives. If we were to leave this situation be, others will become lazy and forget about this moral problem.Likewise, everyone could donate instead of being a bystander. With the money, volunteers can use it to fly to poor countries with people in need, teaching and giving the necessities they all need to live on their own. Instead of buying an Xbox, buy a meal for a country in Africa. This problem is not going to leave until people do something about it. This forgotten problem like a lingering darkness stuck on this world and the world can shake all it want, but the situation is not going to leave. If everyone can contribute, this problem would have been solved and this wouldn’t ever happen again. To sum everything up, we can make a difference in the world. We can help aid others, but we need to stand up and do something instead of brushing off the problem.

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