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Very well articulated. My wife and I went through this in Washington State 2 decades ago. My son was in 1st grade and the teacher said he needed to be “on a slow track”. Really? He wasn’t like that when we brought him to you!

We agonized over what to do. He was in a private school and there was no way we were putting him the public school system. We tried to find another private school but none seemed to have a good understanding of how to handle a little black boy without breaking his spirit and we were not going to have that. We brought him into this world willingly and it was up to us to make his journey as pleasurable as possible for as long as we could.

My mother, an early childhood educator, told us to try homeschooling. Hmmmm…. We weren’t too excited about that but looked into it and we’re blessed to run into a black woman who guided us through getting into this strange new world. She introduced us to curriculum that is favorable to black living and history. Did I say what a blessing she was?! We took homeschool education training, my wife stopped working as a dentist and off we went. We converted the lower floor of our house into a schoolroom. It started with my son and we added my daughter when she was ready. It was a great experience for us and for the kids. We homeschooled until the kids decided they wanted to attend formalized education. When they entered they were ahead of their peers and then we watched the dumbing down process begin. So then we had to enter “after schooling” so they could stay ahead of the game.

Long story short, both kids have graduated college (mandatory in this family). My son went on to get a MBA and has a good career. My daughter is the overachiever and has completed one Masters degree, is working on completing a second Masters as she starts her career. Both have expressed getting doctorates in their futures.

So my sister, have faith and be deliberate about your children’s future education. It can and will work out if you instill the value of education and attaining their best in them.

Hang in there and I’ll look forward to seeing updates. It won’t be the easiest path but it is so worth it. My wife and I have so loved every graduation ceremony we’ve attended.