Five Answers to the Future of Publishing

The internet has been changing rapidly, causing the future of publishing to change as well. The Guardian recently published predictions for the future of publishing and what they thought that meant for the future of the industry as a whole. As an end to end media company, we try to stay on top of what the industry is saying each day.

The five predictions may worry some publishers, but if you’re with the right tech company, you’re in good hands. Here are The Guardian’s five predictions and how GTxcel can help you overcome them:

1. There will be more deals between publishers and tech companies

Publishers are making deals with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter now more than ever. To stay relevant, publishers need to make sure their content is properly formatted for distributed content such as Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles?

At GTxcel, we have a special output built in our platform just for distributed content. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

2. Apple faces a tough fight with Facebook

The Guardian questions people actually using Apple News, but the fact of the matter is Apple News represents a fundamental change in the industry: the way people are consuming content. Facebook and Apple may be fighting over dominance in the industry, but the one thing publishers have to worry about is that their content is accessible and pushed out to these sources.

How can we help?

In addition to our platform’s distributed content output, our Unified Publishing Platform ensures that you publish your content once and it is pushed out to all the places you need it to be: whether its on the iPad or in Apple News format. Create once, publish many.

3. All content will be personalized

One of the greatest fears of publishers is that their content will be lost in the sea of the internet.

With GTxcel, you maintain complete control over what you publish because you control its formatting. News outlets and the way people consume their news may change, but our Unified Publishing Platform helps you maintain control over formatting and content when sending it out to many of different sources.

4. Quality journalism will continue to thrive, paywalls may prosper

There is no question that quality content will always prevail, but many publishers are worried about what ad blocking means for their publication.

GTxcel has solutions. Our FlexAds let you integrate your advertisements within your content, dodging many ad blockers. We also help you monetize your content (and we don’t keep any of the revenue)!

Ad blockers may seem unavoidable, but GTxcel has solutions.

5. New media companies will continue to attract investments

Consumers will always want content, but what more established publishers need to think about — and learn from new media companies — is how it is consumed and where it is consumed.

The good news is that GTxcel is monitoring the market and rapidly expanding our platform as we see changes. The internet is changing, devices are changing, and we want to make sure our customers stay on top of all these changes.