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Official flyer for the event: designed by NUImpact Marketing Team

On Monday (02/10), NUImpact kicked off the first event this semester in the Industry Vertical Series. The very first event consisted of a panel of experts from 3 different organizations — -Equal Opportunity Ventures, Boston Ujima Project, Boston Mainstreet. We spent an inspiring evening with Justina Gallegos, Lucas Turner Owens, and Ginger Brown from the above mentioned organizations respectively to learn about how to tackle the problem of equitable community economic development. We also had the chance to learn about what their respective organizations were doing and how they got involved in this ever-growing world of impact.

The event started with the speakers talking about what made them do their current job. Justina from Equal Opportunity Ventures, who had previously served in the Obama Administration, shared her story of seeing former President Obama read ten letters written by the public a day to hear the voice of people. She got inspired by seeing how even one of the busiest people in the world cared very much about the people he served. That’s what led her to think about how she can become a more thoughtful community member and be helpful to society in her job. …


Fiona Guan

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