Where to Get Real Laser Pointers

Heard of the coolness of a laser pointer from my friends, a high powered blue or green laser pen can point across the sky, and burn up something. I want to get one from Amazon or eBay, but found out those lazerpens aren’s strong enough to burn a match.

Bad news to hear that laser pointer “shoot down” a aircraft and have been prohibited on sale now, it’s coming more difficult to get a real strong laser pen or torch in stores in United States.

I started to search them on internet and found some international E-shopping sites offering these things, such as wickedlaser.com, lucklaser.com, laserpointerpenshop.com, one or two weeks to wait for the items arrived but I’m just not cared about the delivery time, the stuff is well-produced, safe and refined, far better than a DIY laser diode set.

Good buying experience from them and I strongly recommend if you’re still looking for a cool laser pointer to play.