It is my first day in Japan, and am resting on the bed. There are some random things I want to write down. I name it Mindset because I cannot think of a better title.

Work harder

How can our company defeat our competitors? The answer that most Chinese companies give is to work harder and longer than your competitors. Overtime is so common in China, and their employees seem to agree with this mindset. They all believe to have a good life, first they need to work harder than other people now. So that they may be able to enjoy life in the future.

Actually It is not only a Chinese thing. There are many companies in the US and other countries that also act like this. I used to believe this. I worked very hard until I burned out.

Now I know it is not for me. Their way is only one way, one mindset. There are more options.

Travel, go to conferences and learn new languages

There are two reasons why I organize CocoaHeads Shanghai.

First, when meeting other developers, hearing their presentations, I learn a lot from their mindsets, the way they think. I want to have more opportunities for “free”.

Second, I am a nerd. I feel awkward around strangers and I want to overcome it.

I plan to attend three conferences this year. Try! Swift Tokyo is the first. I would like to bring my wife with me when I have a conference. We can see different places and enjoy their culture, foods. It can also help her improve her English. I know it may be not feasible every time. But I will do it as often as possible.

Going to meetups/conferences is one way. However, sometimes it is not about just being a developer. Traveling to other places, learning a new languages can open a new world for us. It does not have to be a natural language or programming language. It can be learning about design, so you know the “language” to communicate with designers.

Besides improving my spoken English, this year I want to learn Japanese as well. I will be satisfied if I will be entry-level at the end of this year.

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